Rugby: Servian Boujan qualified for the quarter-finals of Fédérale 3, Jacou stalls in eighth

Rugby: Servian Boujan qualified for the quarter-finals of Fédérale 3, Jacou stalls in eighth

Against Saverdun, Jacou failed to put his movement game in place. Christine Milles

Two Hérault clubs competed on Sunday June 2 in the round of 16 of the French Federal 3 championship. Jacou did not advance but Servian Boujan did, who will play in the quarter-final on June 16 against Coq Leguevinois.

The Héraultais of Servian Boujan did not tremble on this new stage in their race for the shield by winning a clear and flawless victory over the Landais of Mugron.
Very present in their heads, the words of their co-president, Stéphan Montariol, who had reminded them that they were masters of their destiny, and that they had the power, by giving 200%, to offer yourself and an entire club moments of exceptional intensity.
The start was Hérault, with two penalties scored by Camacho, while the opposing scorer missed three times. The SBR hit the nail on the head just before the break. On an overflow, the Ententists increased the playing time with Viala at the end for the first try of the match and thirteen points in advance at the break.

At the restart, Mugron went all out and put the Entente on the back foot. On a penalty played manually, the Landais offered themselves a try of hope at the end of a crossbar. Hope quickly snuffed out by the SBR, who turned their backs before resuming the match on their own. His domination at the end of the match was materialized by two tries from Viala then from Saumade, built on the same scenario, by increasing the playing time until the defense folded.
The rest, for a place in the last four, will be played in two weeks against the neo-Toulouse team of Coq Leguevinois, winner of Cavaillon, 21- 0. The break will be welcome to regenerate the organisms and prepare to face a team expected to be very playful .

Jacou sacrificed on the altar of indiscipline

Thirty minutes of numerical inferiority in the second half, an excellent scorer in Saverdun and too many fouls on carried balls sounded the death knell for the Jacoumard course: "Cards, penalties conceded on which Saverdun taps into touch… We couldn't do anything" deplores winger Giovanni Bini.
Left behind for the first time in these final stages, the Jacoumards were nevertheless able to come back to the score just before half-time. Return from the locker room also with great fanfare with a monopolization of the ball. "We were serious in continuing with our initial intentions but Saverdun foiled us" adds Bini. Disturbed all the more so with a first card, the Héraultais began a descent into hell, conceding several tries on mauls; then, "Saverdun is playing for time by taking advantage of errors, moving forward".
Perhaps Jacou did not rely enough on his passes after contact, preferring to return; perhaps they were expected by an effective briefing in Saverdun. "We clearly did not respect the pattern of play that we had set ourselves, which was to spread the balls on the wing’ ;quot;, deplores Bini. The “off-loads” after Kralfa's departure in eight are stifled, Dupin-Belleville in the center strains in defense. But the brand no longer arrives.
Jacou also evolved against his playful nature, while Saverdun increased the calls for passes behind the back, proposing attack cells with three players in the first half, retreating behind the force in the second:   ;quot;We simply take more points than we score. It's nice to have the best defense possible… hellip; How to set up a game when you lack balls? I heard a player from Saverdun say that those who reach this level are not for nothing. Well, against a team like this, the score reflects our inability to put our game together", Bini concluded lucidly.

Technical sheets

Isle-Jourdain, Fernand Lapalu Stadium.
Half time: 0-13
Referee: Théo Henriel
For Servian Boujan : 3 tries Viala (37th, 69th), Saumade (78th)
1 conversion (37th)
2 penalties (11th, 16th) Camacho.
For Mugron : 1 try by Senaux (55th) ; 1 conversion by Destouesse (55th).
Servian Boujan : Camacho – Garriguenc, Molina, Saumade, Viala – (10) Cabrol – (9) Antunez – Landron, Munoz, Pendaries – Cousien, Amigo (cap) – Ber, Discourt, Marc. Then Trindade, Vandycke, Lumière, Sauvant, Arcas, Dubief, Liranzo.

À Cuxax d'Aude, Stade De Pas De Sartre.
Referee: Yannick Vals
Half-time: 14-12
For Saverdun: 3 tries Alasset (24th), Bezard (57th), Dumas (75th); 1 Charrie conversion (57th), 4 Charrie penalties (2nd, 7th, 18th, 77th)
For Jacou: 3 tries Kralfa (10th), Modebadze (32nd), Akkaoui (42nd)
2 Vasseur conversions (10th, 42nd)

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