Rugby union: a victory that marks the spirits for RC Sète, in several respects

Rugby union: a victory that marks the spirits for RC Sète, in several respects

Anthony Michel, homme du match avec trois essais, a une nouvelle fois montré son amour du maillot. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

The Sétois won 19-20, at the last second, this Sunday March 24 on the Jacou field.

The Sète rugby players put on their alchemist outfits this Sunday in Jacou. Or how to transform the worst episode of their season into what will remain their best memory.

As a reminder, the first leg was lost by RC Sète at home with four red cards, accompanied by five others in the disciplinary committee and four points withdrawn in the standings. It's hard to do worse.

For the missing

But the Sétois has resources. And a lot of pride. On Sunday, Michel Milovic's men announced their starting color by leading 0-10 then 5-15. Reduced to twelve times, they conceded two tries in the last ten minutes (19-15). But Anthony Michel, who had announced a victory dedicated to the late Jean-Pascal Aigoin and Yves Kerbiguet, followed through on his convictions by scoring his third try in the last second.

Final score: 19-20. And the feeling of having taken a revenge that is tasty to say the least. « We won with those who put us in the bucket », reveled President Jean-Luc Fabre at the end of the match. « I found the great RC Sète, the 2022 team which was winning its matches at the end. The players came together, we finished thirteen against fifteen and we will still snatch this victory. Special mention for the Michel brothers who scored all the points for the team, as well as Luca Petit who knew how to exist in a difficult match. »

Maintenance validated

And to top it all off, this victory made it possible to formalize the maintenance of the Sétois in Federal 3. « The Vallée du Gapeau having lost against the SMUC, it’s done! », confirms Jean-Luc Fabre. « Maybe there is justice somewhere. This victory comes at the right time. Because after being hit on the head, we had doubts. We had a hard time…hellip; It’s a real breath of fresh air that shows the virtues of the group. Some wanted to show the opposite, but the answer came on the ground. »

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