Rugby union: at RC Sète, the major project begins with Jean-Luc Fabre

Rugby union: at RC Sète, the major project begins with Jean-Luc Fabre

Le président sétois doit maintenant consolider l’édifice. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

Les axes de travail doivent être définis pour assurer la pérennité du rugby à Sète.

While the final phases of the French Federal 3 championship are taking place, the Sète rugby players are on forced rest. An advanced vacation which was not planned on their roadmap. But the season was chaotic. Cascading injuries, shower of sanctions due to behavior on the field, withdrawal of points from the ranking following a disciplinary committee… Nothing was spared at RC Sète, which of course has its share of responsibility.

The general meeting in May

The time has therefore come for reconstruction. In any case, at least for the consolidation of the building. Around President Jean-Luc Fabre, goodwill is beginning to manifest. The areas of work as well. A charter linked to behavior would thus be in the pipeline. A few "children" from Sète could also swell the ranks and ensure the sustainability of the team at this level, provided we can offer them a solid project and thus compete with clubs like Palavas.

The general meeting of the club will be held in May. For now, there is no doubt that the future of rugby in Sète will necessarily be built with Jean-Luc Fabre. His network and his aura among regional players make him the man for the job. RC Sète has proven that the oval ball has its place in Sète, it is now enough to adapt to the requirements of the federal level.

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