Rugby union: former international Didier Codorniou announces he is running for president of the FFR

Rugby union: former international Didier Codorniou announces he is running for president of the FFR

“J'y vais pour gagner et fédérer”, annonce le “Petit Prince” Didier Codorniou.

Dans un entretien qu’il accorde ce vendredi à Midi Olympique, Didier Codorniou officialise sa candidature pour l’élection à la présidence de la FFR. En voici les temps forts.

His name has been regularly mentioned, in recent months, for a candidacy for the election for the presidency of the FFR which will take place on October 19, 2024. Until now, Didier Codorniou had nevertheless maintained the mystery, confiding simply to be "in the reflection phase". This time, he's officially launching.

The former three-quarter center of the XV of France (31 selections between 1979 and 1985) confirms this, in an interview he gave this Friday to our colleagues at Midi Olympique&nbsp ;: "We are indeed committed to the race for the election to the presidency of the FFR. < em>I'm going there to unite and win."

He made this announcement from the Gruissan stadium, a town on the Aude coast where he is from and mayor since 2001. "I attach a lot of importance to symbols and the location of this announcement, here at the Gruissan rugby stadium where we are, is full of history and emotion for me. It was in Gruissan, in the junior category, that I discovered the wonderful sport of rugby. Where my career began before taking me to Narbonne, Toulouse, Villefranche-de-Lauragais. I wanted my candidacy to be made in this place because rugby is in essence a transmission sport."

With Jo Maso, Jean-Pierre Rives and Guilhem Guirado

This announcement made, Codorniou says a little more about the organization of his electoral campaign. If he confirms that he will go to meet amateur clubs in the coming months, the one nicknamed "The Little Prince" wishes to ;first go through a consultation of these 1800 clubs.

"Starting this Friday, my team will send all of these clubs a questionnaire containing around fifteen questions , to know their feelings and their grievances. The idea is to enrich our project and even our team. I am very attached to participatory democracy." 

He also takes the opportunity to announce a clean campaign, without low blows. "I am not in the controversy and I will not be, I said it a few weeks ago to Florian Grill and we agree on this point. I prefer to defend our proposals, our vision. I will refuse to respond to personal attacks. For me, a president must be above the fray."

The campaign is launched

On the occasion of this interview, he also provides the first names that will appear on his list and his supporters. Among them, Jo Maso and Jean-Pierre Rives, who will be co-presidents of its support committee named "100 % Rugby". "They said yes to me straight away. They are two beautiful traveling companions. […] They must allow us to come together around our project."

Former captain of the French XV and central figure in Catalan rugby, Guilhem Guirado (74 caps) will also have to play an important role in the project led by Guilhem Guirado. "He's a man on the ground, former captain of the XV of France. A righteous man. He can bring us a lot and he should, if he accepts it, be present on our list. Guilhem embodies values ​​in which I recognize myself."

The campaign is therefore launched. She will lead Didier Codorniou and his team until October 19, 2024, the date of the election. He should face Florian Grill, current president who makes no secret of his desire to run for his own succession.

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