Rugby union: Marseillan wins the Thau derby

Rugby union: Marseillan wins the Thau derby

Les Marseillanais sont qualifiés en Challenge d'Occitanie. – Photo MRC

En Régionale 3, les hommes du président Numérin se sont imposés 16-20 ce dimanche 17 mars à Mèze.

The only match this Sunday in the regional series will have been played. From the start, the Mézois took the lead with a try from Philouze (4th) followed ten minutes later by a penalty from Challier to bring the score to 10-0. But a quarter of an hour into the game, Marseillan responded with a try from Evrard then two penalties from Amakrane (in a dual license with Sète, like Zaragoza and Sanchez), to finally lead 10- 13 at the break.

On their Sesquier lawn, the Mèze RC players did not give up and Challier equalized, on a penalty, as soon as they returned from the locker room (13-13). Alas, with a try from Marc four minutes later, Marseillan slipped to 13-20 and was no longer going to be caught. A new penalty from Challier made it possible to reduce the gap in the 50th (16-20) but the score was no longer going to change.

« We saw a great match on both sides, played in a very good spirit », declared Marseille president Jean-Alain Numérin, whose team is officially qualified for the Challenge d’Occitanie. For their part, the Mézois will have to wait for the "punished points" to find out if they will accompany them.

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