Rugby union: mission accomplished for RC Sète resolutely focused on the game

Rugby union: mission accomplished for RC Sète resolutely focused on the game

Les Sétois ont fait vivre le ballon, avant de conclure avec les avants. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

La victoire face à Aix (37-19) fut longue à se dessiner ce dimanche 11 février, mais elle est amplement méritée.

They weren't all satisfied with their performance at the end of the match, but that's a good sign. This Sunday, RC Sète disposed of Aix, bonus to the key, and the mission is therefore accomplished. It could have been better, we could perhaps have done without, on the edge of the pitch, these few moments of doubt while sometimes looking at the scoreboard. But you shouldn't be choosy.

Game volume

« We will remember, all the same, that we scored six tries », declared Michel Milovic directly. « There are still a few adjustments missing, we can score a few more tries. But we faced a team that plays a lot and who had nothing left to lose, who now knows that they will go down at the end of the season. And I believe that this is our best performance in the volume of play, which necessarily involves errors and lost balls. We are also still undisciplined regarding the instructions, but things are getting better. »

Always in the desire to keep the ball alive, the Sétois also showed power and solidarity up front. Which notably made it possible to pierce the Aix defense on several occasions. « This was the loophole to exploit, the balls carried with the forwards », continues the Sète coach. « I also remember the importance of the replacements, like Laget of whom I am very proud. Zaragoza also made us win this match at the foot and in his position of 10. Everyone came into play and contributed something. We saw some beautiful constructed attempts, passes after contact, there was a real intention to produce play. »

Group spirit

The work started by Michel Milovic since his arrival in December is bearing fruit. RC Sète is resolutely focused on the game and knows how to close ranks, thus turning its back on its old demons. « There is a group, an atmosphere. At 20-19, we could have given up. But we held on and responded by playing. I am satisfied with my players, as I am with my coaching which allowed them all to express themselves. »

This Sunday, the Sétois will travel to Cavaillon. With newfound certainties.

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