Rules, safety, signs, fines…. we explain everything that changes for users of electric scooters

According to a decree published in the Official Journal on March 23, 2024, electric scooters will now have to follow the same rules applied to bicycles.

According to a decree published in the Official Journal on March 23, 2024, electric scooters must now follow the same rules applied to bicycles: road signs and lights for cyclists.

The same rules as cyclists

Concretely, drivers of motorized personal transport vehicles (EDPM), such as electric scooters with or without saddles, self-balancing scooters or even gyrowheels, must now respect the prohibition signs cycle traffic and traffic lights with bicycle figurines.

Users must also use the obligatory cycle paths or lanes and comply with the two-way cycle signage. They also benefit from the authorization to cross the traffic light granted by the sign "give way to cyclists at the light", which allows them to ;rsquo;take the direction indicated by the arrow even if the light is red, indicates Le Parisien.

Multiple deaths

In recent years, deaths linked to electric scooter accidents have increased. This is why the government unveiled a regulation plan last year.

Since September, you must be at least 14 years old to drive an electric scooter, compared to 12 previously, and the fines for riding with two people on the same machine or on prohibited routes have increased from 34 to 135& ;nbsp;euros.

Among the measures included in this plan, we also find fixed fines of 135 euros compared to 35 previously, for people riding a scooter on prohibited routes or with two individuals on the same one.

"As long as we don't issue fines like some cities are doing with the municipal police who intervene to arrest them and fine them, nothing will be done, affirms Jean-René Albertin, president of APACAUVI, an association fighting against the incivility of two-wheelers, quoted by 20 minutes.

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