Saint-Affrique firefighters joined the strike movement

Saint-Affrique firefighters joined the strike movement

Meetings with the president of Sdis are planned. Free lunch – M. D.

This Thursday, the Saint-Affrique firefighters were on strike. 

While carrying out its missions, the Saint-Affrique rescue center joined the strike movement launched this Monday by the three unions of Aveyron professional firefighters. A second notice was filed for the period from February 26 to March 10.

More staff given the increase in activity

Firefighters are calling in particular for more personnel to cope with the increase in their activity to make up for the lack of volunteers in barracks in rural areas. They are also demanding an increase in their remuneration. A board of directors of the SDIS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service, Editor's note) chaired by Arnaud Viala took place this Thursday and a meeting with the departmental director is planned for on Monday, February 26.

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