“Saint-Brès, the least indebted municipality in the Metropolis”: Mayor Laurent Jaoul, praises his 2024 budget

“Saint-Brès, the least indebted municipality in the Metropolis”: Mayor Laurent Jaoul, praises his 2024 budget

Laurent Jaoul, maire de Saint-Brès, satisfait de son budget 2024. Midi Libre – E. L.

Le vote du budget a été adopté pour la commune de Saint-Brès.

You have just voted for your 2024 budget, the penultimate of your mandate, since elections will take place in two years. You are satisfied with it ?

For me, this is the most beautiful of the fifteen budgets that I have put in place! Because it was developed with the aim of keeping our campaign commitments, the first being not to increase taxes, and because it shows that our management is measured and our debt extremely limited. When I approached the banks to finalize the financing of our new school group, I had no difficulty! With a debt reduction capacity of 2.6 years, or 208 € per capita, we are the least indebted municipality in the Metropolis!

What do you do with this money?

Our general budget is 12.8 million euros, or in operation 3.7 million euros. and in investment 9.6 M€. We have decided to double the budget of the Municipal Social Action Center which was 19 795 € and that we go to 41 860 €. We realize that fellow citizens are going through difficulties and that it is also the role of the municipality to help them. We have an employee who works part-time for the CCAS. I would also like to salute all the CCAS volunteers and my deputy Joël Cantié who is very involved. And then we slightly increased subsidies to associations, because it is the vitality of the municipality, i.e. 41,000 euros; to which must be added the 30 000 € that the commune pays for the two votive festivals, that of November and our meeting on June 21, 22 and 23 where we will have this year a swimming pool!

You demolished and rebuilt the school complex in one year, will you be ready for the start of the school year ?

Fingers crossed, normally the site should be delivered in July. Our 350 schoolchildren must return to school in September, in these 3,000,000 m2, completely rebuilt. This school group was fifty years old: I myself was a student in 1974 during the inauguration! I must have been in CE1.

This is THE project for your mandate ?

Yes, it mobilizes 11.5 M€, of which 500 000 € of the State, 288,000,000 euros; from Caf, 200 000 € from the Department, 100 000 € of the Region, and I am waiting for news from the Metropolis which can also support structuring equipment in its municipalities. For Saint-Brès, this is one.

Céline Lebos, your finance assistant has just resigned, citing a disagreement without saying more. This annoys you?

I always deplore a resignation but you know, that’s municipal life. I toured the elected officials, and we proposed that Maryse Sauveterre become deputy for finance and school affairs in place of Ms. Lebos. We find ourselves at 19 instead of 23, that doesn't change much as I have no opposition to the council, which is a shame because the debate is contradictory. is always important. But during the last two ballots, I didn't have a list in front of me either.

You almost presented yourself to the Europeans on the Rural Alliance list, then you gave up. Without remorse?

Without remorse. I did not agree with the plan to entrust the head of the list to Jean Lasalle. I was secretary general of the Rural Alliance, therefore number two, and these talks took place behind my back. I left everything and my place on the list and membership in the Rural Alliance. Even if my values ​​remain the defense of rurality.

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