Samuel-Vincent: the departure of Marc Sahut

Samuel-Vincent: the departure of Marc Sahut

Marc Sahut, à gauche, lors de la cérémonie de départ..

The Samuel-Vincent association, in the presence of its president Olivier Goujon, has just celebrated the retirement of Marc Sahut. Who endeavored to respond to the numerous praises with sincere thanks and with humor, he who is defined as "Pagnolesque" by those around him.

A person of great experience, rigor, and uprightness, he was recruited as a mediator on trains, one of the institution's services. Michel Couvreur, retired, former deputy director, summarized it: "In 2011, the SNCF asked us to intervene on the Nîmes-Mende line. Having known Marc as a delegate of the prefect, I hired him as a mediator, with a team. The positive results led to a succession of requests for intervention: on the 1 euro train Nîmes-Le Graudu-Roi, on the Montpellier-Saint-Chély d’Apcher line, on the region’s buses. And, with other associations, on the squares of middle and high schools in priority neighborhoods." Following the success and recognition of families, training is set up at the IFME, Training Institute for Educational Professions, where Marc Sahut became an external speaker.

The Director General, Andrew Snitselaar, highlighted the highlights of Marc Sahut's career: " Part-time employee at the prefecture, then the National Police Academy, ten years of service in Marseille: transferred to Nîmes, he created the youth leisure center of the national police of which he became director. Promoted to major, he was assigned to Beaucaire as commander of the urban corps. He participates in MINUSTHA, a UN mission where he supervised as technical advisor mobile units responsible for arresting dangerous individuals in the south of Haiti." Without forgetting, its mission within the PJJ (Judicial Protection of Youth) and its educational materials for middle school students (Me, young citizen) or high school students (Questions of justice). Marc Sahut leaves the institution after having collaborated in perpetuating the service, with a new manager from prevention.

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