Saturday May 25 Jaouad Belmehdi will aim for a French-speaking WBC belt at the Palais des sports in Béziers

Saturday May 25 Jaouad Belmehdi will aim for a French-speaking WBC belt at the Palais des sports in Béziers

Jaouad Belmehdi a croisé les gants avec Moussa Gholam. BCMC – BCMC

Jaouad Belmehdi du BC Marcel-Cerdan affrontera un coriace Argentin. En cas de victoire, il pourrait devenir challenger pour une ceinture WBC internationale.

Jaouad Belmehdi will try, on May 25 at the Palais des sports in Béziers, in front of his audience, to take a new step towards the peak of his career. The boxer from Béziers, aged 26 (24 fights, 3 draws, 1 defeat), has never hidden his desire to one day compete for a world title. This fight, a French-speaking WBC belt (the most renowned federation), could allow him to get closer. If successful, he would, in fact, become a challenger for an international belt. He could therefore, then, seek a world championship.

In the meantime, on Saturday, BC member Marcel-Cerdan will have to compete hard against Marcos Gabriel Martinez, an experienced 33-year-old Argentinian. Nicknamed in his country  la Maquinita (the little machine), he has 27 fights including 5 defeats by KO. Left-handed, he is said to be particularly tough.

Seven weeks of preparation

The fight promises to be fiercely contested. But as usual, Jaouad Belmehdi, who will box in the super-featherweight category, has done everything possible to be ready: "We are seven weeks into preparation, explains enthusiastically Rudy Ruiz, his trainer. Following his fight in Abu Dhabi, the On March 2, he took a two-week break, still training a little every day. We really started again on March 18. Jaouad really takes this fight very seriously."

Six days a week

The Biterrois trains six days a week. Every morning, at 5 a.m., he goes for a run, at 9 a.m., he does physical preparation and at 6 p.m., he puts on the gloves. Hard and particularly studious work which bears fruit: "It is very good, assures Rudy Ruiz. Physically, he is perfect. I also find that he has reached a technical level. He has progressed at this level. In particular, we worked a lot on counter-attacks and power."

With the world number one super lightweight

During preparation, Jaouad Belmehdi trained with high-level boxers. In Barcelona, ​​he put on gloves with Sandor Martin, the world number one super-lightweight. He also crossed swords with Moussa Gholam, the world number 9 super featherweight. Very recently, he also prepared in Toulouse with Mohamed Kani who is a left-hander.

Followed by a dietitian, Rudy Ruiz's student also paid attention to his diet. In order to box in the super-featherweight category, he had to go below 59kg, which is almost 2 kg less than usual. Although this is the first time he has reached such a weight, he has not lost his striking power. This will also be one of his major assets, Saturday, at the Palais des Sports, where the gloves of the fight will be offered to him by Jean-François Toubon.

The weigh-in will take place on Friday 24, at 6:30 p.m., at the Mercedes dealership.

Big challenge also for Mike Esteves (Esprit Boxe 34)

Mike Esteves (Esprit Boxe 34) will also face Argentinian Mauro Nicolas Liendro (18 fights, 9 defeats) for a French-speaking WBC belt. A new challenge for Patrice Guidoni's boxer who is also ultimately aiming for an international title.

Two other professional fights are also scheduled for the evening: Francis Don Navarro (BC Marcel-Cerdan) and the undefeated Parisian Mehdi Goualem will face two Spanish boxers.

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