School map in Gard: update on class openings and closings

School map in Gard: update on class openings and closings

The Gard school card will be applied at the start of the September 2024 school year. Archive M.E.

This Tuesday, February 27, in the morning, a new CDEN was held, this time with the validation of the new school map for the 2024 school year.

This Tuesday, February 27, in the morning, a new CDEN (Departmental Council of National Education) was able to be held after the hiccup of Friday, February 9 when several union organizations had refused to sit because the working documents had not been submitted "on time".

Dasen du Gard announces 43 openings and 53 closings of classes. Adjustments may be considered next June before the application of this card at the start of the school year in September 2024. 


Doubling of CP and CE1 in priority education: Alès Louis Pasteur (double CE), Beaucaire Condamine ( CP d.).
Transformation of positions in priority education: Beaucaire Condamine (GS ded.), Alès Germain David (CE ded. .), Paul Langevin (CE ded.), Pansera (CP ded.), Leprince -Ringuet (elementary ded.), Tamaris (CP ded.), Nîmes Henri Wallon (elementary), Édouard Vaillant (elem.). Device less than 3 years old: Jean Zay.
Capping of GS-CP and CE1 to 24 excluding priority education: in nursery, Bagnols-sur-Cèze Célestin Freinet, Vauvert Pic d& rsquo;Étienne Georges Pompidou, Nîmes La Placette, Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort Rachel Cabane, Calvisson The Little Prince, Codognan Les Petits Loups ; in elementary: La Grand-Combe Victor Hugo, Redessan Marcel Pagnol, Nîmes Talabot,  Pont-Saint-Esprit Jean-Jaurès, Caissargues Clos Mirman; in primary school, Sommières Condamine, Nîmes René Char. In kindergarten, additional means for Capouchiné in Nîmes.
Creation of the school group in Garons François Soirat: five openings in nursery school and five in elementary school.
Openings in elementary: in Nîmes Jean Moulin, Edgard Tailhades, Marie Curie, La Grand-Combe Anatole France; in Ulis class in Beaucaire Garrigues Planes, Beauvoisin Les Moulins.
Provisional post-school openings becoming permanent: Clarensac Gérard Cazeneuve (mat.), La Grand-Combe Anatole France (double CE),  Salindres Marcel Pagnol (elem.), Uzès Jean Macé (elem.), Meyrannes (elem.) and Nîmes Marie Curie (mat.).


Doubling of GS in priority education: Nîmes Édouard Vaillant. Doubling of CP and CE1 in priority education: Nîmes Courbessac (CE ded.) and Léo Rousson (CE ded.).
Transformations of positions in priority education: Beaucaire Condamine (mat.), Alès Germain David (elem.) , Paul Langevin (CP ded.), Nîmes Henri Wallon (CP ded.), Édouard Vaillant (CP ded.), Alès Pansera (elem.), Leprince-Ringuet (GS ded.), Tamaris (GS ded.); Les Salles-du-Gardon (elem.).
Closures in kindergarten: Beaucaire La Moulinelle, Nîmes Gustave Courbet, La Gazelle, Bouillargues& nbsp;Madeleine Bres, Garons Jean Monnet (4),  Bernis Paul Fort, Montfaucon.
Elementary closures: Beaucaire Nationale, Condamine (Ulis), Jonquières-Saint-Vincent Le Mistral,& ;nbsp;Nîmes Paul Langevin, La Placette, Marie Soboul, Saint-Julien-les-Rosiers, Aimargues Fanfonne Guillierme, Fourques André Malraux, Saint-Chaptes, Bezouce Alphonse Daudet, Garons Jean Monnet Saint-Exupéry (5), Aubais, Rochefort-du-Gard Vieux-Moulin, Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres Charles Odoyer, Lussan RPI.
Closure in primary: Ribaute Marcel Pagnol, Saint-Jean-de-Maruéjols-et-Avéjan, Sauve Florian, Montaren-et-Saint-Médiers,  Saint-Maximin, Calvisson L’ile verte, Nîmes La Planette.

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