Scratch game, big Loto… what are the new features launched by the FDJ for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games ?

Scratch game, big Loto… what are the new features launched by the FDJ for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games ?

Deux nouveaux produits de la FDJ sont prévus cet été. ILLUSTRATION MAXPPP – Bruno Levesque

In an interview with Ouest France, the boss of Française des jeux (FDJ), Stéphane Pallez, talks about his ambition to participate "in the fervor of the Olympic Games". In particular, it announces the launch of a new scratch card game as well as a grand lotto on the occasion of the opening ceremony.

La Française des jeux (FDJ) is ready for the Paris Olympic Games. In an interview with the newspaper Ouest France, published this Sunday, May 6, the CEO of the leading French group in gambling and chance in France, Stéphane Pallez, affirms that the FDJ aims to "contribute to the popular fervor around Paris 2024".

15 million minimum to be won on July 26

To this end, two new features will be created specifically for this summer's sporting event. Starting with a new scratch game called "Objectif Or", which will have its paper version but also digital.

Stéphane Pallez also announces the launch of a grand Paris 2024 lotto with a minimum jackpot of 15 million euros, the draw of which will take place on the day of the lottery ceremony ;rsquo;opening of the Olympic Games, scheduled for July 26.

Sports betting

It will be possible to bet on the results of the events during the 2024 Olympics. Through the voice of its CEO, the FDJ indicates that it will be possible to bet on all the disciplines authorized by the regulatory authority, excluding in particular sports for which there is a jury which awards marks.

Sports betting during the period would not be that numerous, however. Stéphane Pallez indicates that this sporting event generates "relatively few bets" compared to football matches, for example.

Be careful, playing involves risks. Structures can help you in the event of dependence such as the French Observatory for Drugs and Drug Addiction ( or Joueurs info service on 09 74 75& nbsp;13 13 (non-premium rate call)

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