“Sell left kidney to pay my MSA contributions”: the ad published on Leboncoin by farmers outrages this association

“Sell left kidney to pay my MSA contributions”: the ad published on Leboncoin by farmers outrages this association

Capture d’écran réalisée sur le site leboncoin.fr DR – DR

Posted online at the beginning of March, the post of a person who presents himself as a farmer forced to sell an organ to pay his MSA contributions provoked the reaction of an association which works to provide information on organ donation .

Polymorphic, the protest of angry farmers sometimes takes unexpected forms. And the digital field does not escape demands. Witness the announcements that appear here and there and that it is possible to come across them on leboncoin.fr or marketplace when they have not been deactivated since their publication.

At the beginning of March, a user of the site published an ad on the web, located in Tressan, entitled "Vend rein Gauche" (sic) in the medical equipment section. With a price of 100,000 euros, the text, tinged with irony, specifies that the sale of the organ would be worth ~60%. >"pay my MSA contributions, and to make a living from my farm ! Caution curious and malicious people refrain. I will only sell to the highest Bidder Make an offer!" A similar ad, specifying "good health, no d& rsquo;alcohol, no cigarettes, no excess because I can't afford it" as for it located in Puéchabon, is also still online on Marketplace.

An association is protesting against these posts

Even at the third level, the initiative which is not clearly claimed by an agricultural union, has notably caused a reaction from the FRANCE ADOT federation which provides information on the donation of bone marrow and human tissue organs. nbsp;and considers this announcement "to say the least scandalous and suspicious".

The associations claim to have questioned the site"on this illegality and especially on its responsibility", reports Jacques Darricarrère, secretary general of the Hérault branch, indicates that, "In the current state we do not know whether this announcement is a hoax or a reality but in any case this is unacceptable."

The points on the i

The representatives of the association, who hardly seem to like the provocative tone of the posts in question, specify that  the donation of organs, tissues and bone marrow falls within the "framework of the laws of bioethics and health on what these donations are, with particular emphasis on the ;rsquo;anonymity, gratuity, respect for the body and the wishes of donors for organ donation. This law in force, under the control of the biomedicine agency is intended to avoid all possible traffic."

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