Sentenced to prison for attempted bicycle theft in Béziers

Sentenced to prison for attempted bicycle theft in Béziers

Les deux hommes comparaissaient devant le tribunal de Béziers dans le cadre d’une comparution immédiate. J.-P A. – Midi Libre

Two men were sentenced to 6 and 10 months of detention with a committal warrant for attempting to steal a bicycle from a man who was sitting on a bench on Les Allées in Béziers.

Two men were incarcerated this Monday March 25 in connection with a case of attempted bicycle theft. Both were repeat offenders, but one of them was presented free before the Béziers court.

They were sentenced to eight months of detention including four months with a probationary suspension of two years for the youngest, and who was in pre-trial detention awaiting his trial, and eight months including four with a probationary suspension and revocation. a 6-month reprieve for the oldest. It was the police officers from the Béziers police station who intervened in the courtroom for the immediate incarceration of the latter who had not really anticipated such an outcome after this affair.

The prosecution had requested a sentence of twelve months of detention, four of which were accompanied by a probationary suspension of two years with a committal warrant for the firm part and two months and the revocation of six months of suspended sentence with presentation before a sentence enforcement judge for home detention for the second who appeared free before his judges. Before the judges, the two defendants did not admit the facts with which they were accused. Everything happened on the night of March 20, on Les Allées, in Béziers.

The victim was on the Allées

The victim is sitting on a bench when the two men arrive at him. They ask him for the bike, but the victim refuses to submit.
The owner of the bike then takes blows, but he resists and manages to flee. The police have been notified and the two suspects will be arrested. They have an alcohol content of 0.82 mg of alcohol per liter of exhaled air.
When the president of the court, Christophe Rolland, asks for explanations, both take refuge behind their alcohol consumption and talk about amnesia.
The one who is in pre-trial detention says: "I just wanted to go for a bike ride. I didn't want to steal from him." The person who presents himself free is an order picker. His sidekick doesn't work and lives on the street.

Immediate appearance justified by drunkenness and records

The representative of the public prosecutor considered that their presentation before the Béziers court as part of an immediate appearance was justified by their drunkenness but also by their extensive criminal record.
For the defense, Messrs Limouzin and Pontier argued for no detention. "I don't think he wanted to steal that bike. There needs to be a punishment that comes with it and to get him off the street. Locking him up is not a solution", insisted Mr. Limouzin. Me Pontier pleaded for the release of his client. "He has no role in this story and the victim is under guardianship and may have misinterpreted what happened."

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