Sète border police target cars stolen from ferries

Sète border police target cars stolen from ferries

La PAF mène régulièrement des opérations ciblées notamment sur les véhicules volés. H.A.

Agents from Frontex and specialized technicians from Argos were involved in the last large-scale operation carried out on June 26 at the port of Sète.

On June 26, police officers from the Sète Border Police carried out a targeted operation to control vehicles departing from the port of Sète via a ferry to Algeria .

Frontex agents and associated Argos technicians

Between 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., 116 vehicles (out of 478) were examined closely, by Pafists reinforced by personnel from the Sète police station, in particular looking for stolen vehicles. Frontex agents and Argos technicians (group of French insurers) specialists in the matter were involved.

In the end, only one vehicle was reported stolen in Aisne. The police spotted two people traveling with expired visas and ten others who were the subject of search cards in France.

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