Sète in the international capital of pétanque for three days

Sète in the international capital of pétanque for three days

Plus de 2 000 joueurs et joueuses vont s’affronter ce week-end sur les innombrables terrains sétois. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

The big meeting of AS Pétanq’s Sète starts this Friday March 1st at Mas Coulet.

This is nothing less than the largest annual sporting event on the Singular Island. With more than 2,000 pétanque players engaged (all categories), the sixth edition of the International de Sète once again promises great games on the countless pitches laid out on the Mas Coulet site and under the big top serving as a square of honor.

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And among this crowd of suitors, there will be some beautiful people. In the 512 men's triplets, we will indeed find the Dutch, Belgian, Spanish and French selections. Philippe Suchaud, Philippe Quintais, Jean Feltin, Ludovic Montoro, but also the head-to-head French champion, Frédéric Cazes, who will play with Moïse Helfrick (winner of the Marseillaise last year), will be there.

Great quality to also be found among the females who, new this year, will evolve in triplets. All the champions of the discipline will be present, like Angélique Colombet, Anna Maillard, Toréa Tairio, Cindy Peyrot and Élodie Estève.

A field of international caliber, with French champions and players experienced in world games, completed by the youth teams with 32 triplets in juniors, as many in cadets and juniors. The reputation of the International de Sète is not weakening and Robert Malzieu, president of AS Pétanq’s Sète, has reason to be satisfied: « It’s always a great success. I would also like to thank the City, the Agglomeration, the Department and the Region, but also the French Federation and the departmental committee chaired by Jean-Paul Rigaud. And I don't forget all our volunteers, Thierry Vermorel who takes care of the young people, Jean-Luc Boyer for the general organization as well as Daniel Bravo and Jacques Martinez for the tracing and the refreshment bar. ;.

Gentlemen tournament (16 invited teams) this Friday at 4 p.m.
Top 1,000 and women's this Saturday from 9:30 a.m. Final phases this Sunday.
Youth categories this Saturday at 2:30 p.m. Final phases this Sunday. I subscribe to read more

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