Sétois football club sanctioned for communitarianism: approval withdrawn, aid removed… we summarize the case for you in video

The prefect of Hérault has made his decision concerning Sète Olympique FC and accuses "community practices". We summarize the facts for you.

The prefect of Hérault François-Xavier Lauch has decided to withdraw its approval from the Sète Olympique Football Club for "community practices" . He intends to fight against "separatism and communitarianism" in Hérault. After several reports, an investigation was carried out carried out in the premises of the Sétois club by the SDJES, a service of the Montpellier Academy.

A decision applied from Saturday

Without approval, the club can no longer benefit from financial aid from the State and the municipality. From this Saturday, players will no longer be authorized to play in official competition. Sports assistant Hervé Marquez and the president of the Sète club Christian Di Meglion reacted. We explain everything to you in the video above.

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