She thought she had received a simple nettle sting while gardening: a mother dies a few weeks later

She thought she had received a simple nettle sting while gardening: a mother dies a few weeks later

Although she thought she had been stung by a nettle, her symptoms were actually due to a brain tumor (ILLUSTRATION). Envato Elements

A year after the tragic death of his wife, Cecilia Keefe, her husband gives his testimony in The Sun. Involved with The Brain Tumor Charity, he works to finance research and raise awareness of brain tumors.

A year after the disappearance of his wife, Mark Smith returns, in The Sun, on the tragic circumstances of her death. At the age of 52, Cecilia Keefe, mother of two children, discovered that she had an incurable brain tumor.

As she begins to feel tingling in her left wrist, the fifty-year-old, immersed in the creation of her vegetable garden, thinks that she was simply stung by a nettle or an insect. However, the feeling spreads little by little.

Several weeks of medical wanderings

During the first diagnosis, the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome is advanced. Tingling, numbness, pain, everything matches.

But on April 12, while Cecilia had an appointment with a physiotherapist, her condition had already deteriorated. His arm is weakened and the symptoms extend to his left leg. On April 14, she could no longer get out of bed.

Victim of a brain tumor

Tests are carried out and the result is clear: Cecilia suffers from a brain tumor. Despite the treatment, he only has around ten months to live. Cecilia's state of health continues to gradually deteriorate, losing her autonomy day after day. "In the space of six weeks, Cecilia went from perfectly healthy to unable to walk, bathe, or dress herself&quot ;, relates her husband.

Faced with this tragic situation, Mark organizes meals, outings and walks to lighten everyday life and enjoy the last moments. On May 11, the mother died in the hospital alongside her family.

Involved in the association The Brain Tumor Charity

Following the loss of his wife, Mark Smith became involved with The Brain Tumor Charity. This charitable organization works to fund research, raise awareness of brain tumors and reduce diagnosis times.

According to our colleagues, Mark Smith has collected to date more than 10,000 books for the association.

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