“She was going to get married in three months”: she is hospitalized for a minor operation, a 38-year-old woman dies suddenly

“She was going to get married in three months”: she is hospitalized for a minor operation, a 38-year-old woman dies suddenly

La Nouvelle clinique à Bordeaux, premier établissement où la femme de 38 ans a été admise. Capture Google Street View

Une femme de 38 ans est décédée brutalement au début du mois de mars à la Nouvelle clinique Bordeaux Tondu, à Floirac en Gironde, alors qu’elle venait pour une opération banale. Son père porte plainte pour connaître la vérité.

Too many unanswered questions. On February 27, Gwenaëlle Leterme was admitted to the New Bordeaux Tondu clinic, in Floirac in Gironde. This 38-year-old woman had to have two cysts removed from her throat. But a few days after this benign operation, the thirty-year-old died, without concrete explanations being given to the family, reports France 3.

"We don't know why"

After this operation, which should have been trivial and took place without incident, the mother's condition deteriorated after the removal of her drain de Redon, small bottle which allows the aspiration of organic secretions.

"From there, things quickly deteriorated, we don't know why", reports Jean-Luc, Gwenaëlle's father. The patient sought help one evening at the nurses' office, after being taken back to her room, she suffered a cardiac arrest.

According to Jean-Luc Leterme, his daughter was operated on a second time for "other formations which blocked his breathing". After being placed in an artificial coma, Gwenaëlle died on March 4 at the Pellegrin University Hospital in Bordeaux, where she had been transferred.

An expected wedding

The thirty-year-old's family and loved ones are in shock and trying to understand what could have happened. "You don't expect that when you come to have two unfortunate cysts removed. They only gave us summary explanations, nothing precise.  Some elements are even contradictory, notably on the time of withdrawal of the Redon", denounces his father , who confided in our colleagues.

This quest for truth and explanations pushed Jean-Luc Leterme to file a complaint against X on March 20. "Not only do we suffer the loss of a loved one, but in addition, we cannot get a frank, honest, clear, transparent explanation from from the establishment that was supposed to treat her", he explains.

He hopes that legal action would move things in this "closed environment".&amp ;nbsp;"In Pellegrin, they told us "It never happens"< em>, and yet it happened. There are obviously plenty of explanations to be given, he declared.

For now the mystery hovers around the sudden death of Gwenaëlle, and mourning is very difficult for the whole family. "She was going to get married in three months, I had to marry her… She should have left the clinic on March 2. She did indeed go out, but not as we would have liked", her father said indignantly.

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