She will suffer from lifelong diarrhea after ingesting diabetes medication

She will suffer from lifelong diarrhea after ingesting diabetes medication

Brea Hand est condamnée à avoir la diarrhée toute sa vie. MAXPPP/Illustration – Richard Villalon

Une femme de 23 ans est condamnée à souffrir de diarrhée jusqu'à la fin de ses jours après avoir pris un médicament contre le diabète. La jeune femme aurait utilisé ce médicament pour perdre du poids

Brea Hand will suffer from diarrhea for the rest of her life after using the drug Ozempic. She is one of dozens of patients suing the maker of the blockbuster weight-loss drug for allegedly leaving them with stomach paralysis, according to a .

This injector pen, usually prescribed to control diabetes, has been diverted from its use by people wanting to lose weight. But some have clearly forgotten read the side effects that the medication could cause.

Complaint filed

Thus, Brea Hand filed a lawsuit against Novo Nordisk, parent company of Ozempic and sister drug Wegovy. The woman suffers from gastroparesis. This is a very rare condition that causes nausea, bloating, diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. 

Brea Hand revealed that surgeons attempted to repair her colon in an operation that lasted several hours. However, the doctors gave him bad news.

They explained to the main interested party that she was going to suffer for the rest of her life and that she would still have diarrhea. This is why she decided to file a complaint against Novo Nordisk.

She accuses the company of "not having properly warned of the risk of gastroparesis on the medication packaging".

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