Shortage of medicines, record inflation… pharmacies called for a day of mobilization and closure on May 30

Shortage of medicines, record inflation… pharmacies called for a day of mobilization and closure on May 30

Une mobilisation en trois temps. MAXPPP – Luc Nobout

L’Union des syndicats de pharmaciens d’officine (USPO) a appelé ce vendredi 19 avril 2024 à une journée de mobilisation et à la fermeture de toutes les officines le jeudi 30 mai prochain. Un préavis de grève sera déposé.

The Union of Pharmacy Unions (USPO) called this Friday, April 19, 2024, for a day of mobilization and the closure of all pharmacies on Thursday, May 30 next. A strike notice will be filed. "Threats of deregulation are materializing, economic difficulties are intensifying, drug shortages are not improving, or even deteriorate", justified the USPO in a press release, consulted by France Info

Since last Thursday, pharmacists have been encouraging patients and their customers to sign a petition to raise awareness of their mobilization. For their part, the unions wish to involve mayors and parliamentarians. In a context of medical desertification, "the pharmacy network is crucial for patients and for access to care", recalls the Union of Trade Unions in a letter sent to elected officials. The Union of Community Pharmacists Unions is also calling for a strike of guards on Pentecost weekend from May 18 to 20.

A shortage of medicines that persists

"In a context of record inflation, community pharmacy is the only profession not to have benefited from a revaluation economic health insurance since 2022", underlines the USPO. However, Bruno Le Maire, Ministry of the Economy, had announced 10 billion euros in savings in 2024. Pharmacies therefore fear that this will have  "a definite repercussion on the ongoing economic negotiations with Health Insurance".

Pharmacies continue to suffer from drug shortages: "Patients do not have access to their treatment and pharmacists spend nearly 12 days ;nbsp;hours per week on average to find alternative solutions", details the press release. "The government must accelerate to strengthen data transparency and force laboratories to release drug stocks", she asks.

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