Shortage of medicines: stocks, production, targeted prescriptions… what the new government plan contains

Shortage of medicines: stocks, production, targeted prescriptions... what the new government plan contains

Un plan pour éviter les ruptures de stocks de médicaments. Pexels/Pixabay

Pour enrayer les problèmes de ruptures de stocks pour certaines molécules, la ministre de la Santé, Catherine Vautrin et Roland Lescure, le ministre délégué chargé de l’Industrie de France ont expliqué leur feuille de route.

Faced with increasingly recurring stock shortages of medicines, the government promised to act. Especially since with more than 5,000 reports recorded in 2023 by the Medicines Safety Agency, a figure up compared to previous years. < /p>

Faced with this scourge, Catherine Vautrin, the Minister of Health and Roland Lescure, the Minister Delegate in charge of Industry explained their plan to stop it problems linked to stock shortages of certain molecules. It details an "anti-shortages plan" for the period 2024-2027 in Le Parisien.

An extension of the already existing system

This new roadmap outlines the system already in place since 2019 and is based around several pillars: "Innovate , produce, treat and prescribe, and finally deliver" in order"to improve patients'access to medicines".

The objective being to improve the old system, study what worked, what did not work and what ;we need to improve.

The list of 450 "essential"medications

The list of medications deemed "essential" last June by the government will continue. But the 450 references listed can be updated.

The  goal is to make a point each year with health professionals to remove or add molecules to this list. 

Handle inventory issues in advance

To avoid ruptures, the government wants to put in place several measures to avoid realizing the problem before it is reported and therefore anticipate potential ruptures to avoid them. 

Targeted prescription, number of tablets

It could also be considered to provide the patient with the exact number of tablets needed for treatment instead of traditional boxes. 

Doctors will be encouraged not to prescribe a drug that is out of stock and to offer an alternative molecule when possible. To do this, they will be equipped with access to an up-to-date database on the status of stocks, to prevent stock shortages. 

As for pharmacies, they will be invited to limit their direct orders from laboratories and will be encouraged to obtain supplies via wholesale distributors.

Production of medicines in France

The relocation of production units for certain so-called "essential" in France was also announced in June. Measures will thus be reinforced and supported by new ones that are more restrictive for manufacturers.

A bill aimed at increasing stock obligations will be examined next Thursday, February 29.

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