“Shrinkflation”: what mandatory labels will look like on all affected products from July 1 ?

“Shrinkflation”: what mandatory labels will look like on all affected products from July 1 ?

A “visible” and “readable” label. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

From July 1, supermarkets will have to inform their customers when products on the shelves have seen their quantity drop without their price decreasing, according to a decree published in the Official Journal of Saturday May 4 .

From July 1, all supermarkets of more than 400 square meters in France will be required to affix a label or poster"visible" and "readable" nearby, or even directly on the packaging, of all the products affected by the "shrinkflation", indicates the order of the Ministry of the Economy, noting the announcements made in mid-April by the government.

This new obligation will take the form of a label placed directly on the product or "immediate proximity to the products concerned", predicts the Ministry of the Economy.

We will therefore see the following statement displayed: "For this product, the quantity sold increased from X to Y and its price at (specify l" rsquo;unit of measurement concerned) has increased by… % or…€."

Physical stores only

This concerns physical stores over 400 m2 only. Small stores, such as Carrefour or Auchan Market, will be spared. The display will continue for two months following the date of consumption of the products concerned, reports RMC.

This measure also applies to non-food products "sold in a constant quantity (weight or volume), including laundry detergents, baby products and any other item hygiene products, whether they are national brands or distributors. "pre-packaged foodstuffs of variable quantity” and those sold in bulk are not affected.< /p>

Supermarkets which do not comply with this new measure risk a "fine of 3 000 euros maximum for a natural person" and "15 000 euros maximum for a legal entity", warns&nbsp ;the Ministry of the Economy.

"Agents of the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control) may also issue injunctions to the’ against establishments failing to fulfill their obligations", he adds.

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