Sick leave: the government plans to increase the number of waiting days for employees to save money

Sick leave: the government plans to increase the number of waiting days for employees to save money

Le gouvernement souhaite faire des économie en rognant sur la prise en charge des arrêts de travail. Illustration MAXPPP – Luc Nobout

While the government is studying all avenues to save money, covering work stoppages is coming back to the fore. The idea of ​​extending the waiting period is under study.

The government must save money. The slogan is hammered out, and no avenue is ruled out. During his televised speech on March 27, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal raised the subject of work accidents, announced a “major initiative”, a round table which should be held with the social partners .

The government trail

This Sunday, March 31, the Tribune mentions the date of "April 20  and reveals one of the avenues which would be under study: "the government plans to bring up to date an avenue already considered during the 2024 budget& nbsp;: reduce support for work stoppages.

The information, confirmed by France Info, is already debated. And for good reason, such a measure would be either to the detriment of employers, who would be forced to compensate for this increase in waiting days by paying them to the employee, or to the detriment of the employees themselves, who would lose wages with each stoppage.

How's it going today?

Currently, in the private sector, when an employee is on sick leave, they have three days of waiting time. In other words, social security only compensates them from the 4th day. In large companies, these waiting days are generally reimbursed by the employer, recalls France Info< /em>.

In the public, on the other hand, there is only one day of deficiency, which does not ;is never compensated.

What bosses fear

Employers fear that the government will therefore ask to compensate for the increase in the number of waiting days by paying them to employees. Thus, if the deadline increases from 3 to 6 days, the cost of sick leave would therefore double, for a boss who was already covering the waiting days of the legal deadline.

France Info indicates that bosses would prefer the option of so-called “public order” days, which, as for civil servants, would not be covered.

According to La Tribune, daily allowances represent an expense of 16 billion d&rsquo ;euros and increase by 6% per year. By extending the waiting period, the government would thus be considering a saving which could reach up to one billion euros per year.

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