Slowed down by Revel, La Clermontaise misses the mark but still remains on the lookout

Slowed down by Revel, La Clermontaise misses the mark but still remains on the lookout

Les Haut-Garonnais se sont fait bousculer par les locaux mais ils ont réussi à revenir deux fois au score. Midi Libre – A.M.

Régionale 1/19e Journée/L’équipe a concédé le nul 2-2 ce samedi soir 16 mars à l’Estagnol face au coleader et va enchaîner une série de gros match

The ball which ended up on the post in stoppage time could certainly have given Revel the victory, but over the previous 90 minutes, it was La Clermontaise who may have some regrets. This Saturday in front of nearly 400 spectators, the club conceded a 2-2 draw to Estagnol against the co-leader of the championship, after leading twice.

And now, Luzenac

"That's ch… !" sums up coach Baptiste Duhau-Marmon quickly. "We scored just behind their equalizer at the start of the 2nd half beat, and behind it we have a very big strong beat. We have to kill the match and instead, we are caught again on a set piece and careless errors which cost us dearly."< /p>

To Redoulès' two goals (42nd 59th), Revel responded twice (55th, 82nd) ​​to stop the current series of seven consecutive victories for the Héraultais who could overtake him in the event of a victory.

"It’s a shame for the players who made a lot of effort, they deserved to be better rewarded, adds the’ coach. This first shock was not a finality since we continued with the reception of the leader Luzenac on Saturday. We wanted to play these matches, here we are. And we will have to win this time at home."
In the ranking, Clermont is 4th, 3 points behind leaders Luzenac and Toulouse Rodéo, one point behind Revel.

Technical sheet:

Stade de l’Estagnol.
Half time: 1-0.
Referee: Stéphane Labat.
Goals for Clermont: Redoules (42nd, 59th).
Goals for Revel: N’Guessan (55th), Saforcada (82nd).
Warnings in Clermont: Benezech (21st), Drama (52nd), Marti (90th).
Warnings at Revel: Palacios (59th), Vieu (95th).
LA CLERMONTAISE: Gallot, Bektas, Sarrouy, Bernal, Villa (cap.), Drama, Benezech, El Hamzaoui, Moustoifa, Brunet, Redoules (Sanchez, Ibanez, Marti).
REVEL US: Marmoiton, Salanova, Briol, Vieu (cap.), N’Guessan, Pascal, Palacios, Piovesan, Saforcada, Ritter, Rguig (Zahil, Gregorio, Serres)

The quarter-final of the Occitanie Cup against Muret (R1) will be played on Saturday March 29, at Estagnol. In case of success La Clermontaise will receive in the semi-final

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