SOCCER. Antoine Griezmann's surprising comment under an MHSC publication

SOCCER. Antoine Griezmann's surprising comment under an MHSC publication

Antoine Griezmann a commenté une publication du Montpellier HSC ce dimanche 14 janvier. MAXPPP – Borja Sanchez-Trillo

L'attaquant international français Antoine Griezmann (32 ans, 127 sélections) a commenté une publication X (ex-Twitter) du MHSC, à quelques heures du match contre Brest ce dimanche 14 janvier.

We had to try twice to see if it was really him. Yes, Antoine Griezmann did comment on a MHSC publication on social networks this Sunday.

The Hérault club, as before each match, shares the "eleven" holder on X (formerly Twitter). Faced with injuries and absences, a few players are propelled onto the sheet. Starting with hopeful winger Axel Gueguin (18 years old), aligned as a piston in the absence of the African internationals who left for the CAN.

Gueguin represented by Griezmann's communications agency

This is where "Grizou" comes into play. The hybrid striker-midfielder from Atlético Madrid and the French team comments on the publication of the pailladin club: "Axel Guéguin !!!!&amp ;quot;, accompanied by a smiley face with heart-shaped eyes and a flame.

Why this comment ? Gueguin is one of the players represented by Antoine Griezmann's communications agency, By & For. An agency partly managed by the world champion's sister, Maud.

For the record, Antoine Griezmann had failed from the MHSC training center in his youth. As all Ligue 1 clubs before him had done.

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