Soon the finals of the Lozère football cups, with Le Chastel-Chanac as the new headliner

Soon the finals of the Lozère football cups, with Le Chastel-Chanac as the new headliner

Les finalistes de la Coupe Lozère, ASC Chanac et AS Chastelloise. MIDI LIBRE – STEPHANIE BOULOIR

Les maillots des finales des Coupe Lozère, Coupe Lozère féminine et Coupe Dalut de football ont été remis aux clubs. Ils ont rendez-vous le jeudi 9 mai 2024 pour le grand jour.

This year, the Lozère departmental football branch (ADFL) organized the presentation of jerseys to the finalists of the Lozère cups this Tuesday, April 30, 2024, in the Thierry-Pailhas room at the Delmas stadium, rather than in its premises. "We wanted to thank all the volunteers who invest all year round for the clubs", insisted the president of the ;rsquo;ADFL, Giovanni Perri. Thierry Pailhas was one of them, he who worked a lot for football, in particular the AFL.

The program for Thursday, May 9

The finals will be played on Thursday May 9 at the Jean-Jacques-Delmas stadium, Chapter district, in Mende. 1 p.m., final of the Dalut Cup, FC Causse Sauveterre against AS Badaroux. 4 p.m., final of the Women's Lozère Cup: Avenir Foot Lozère against Association Saint-Georges SL. 7 p.m., final of the Lozère Cup: ASC Chanac against AS Chastelloise. Entrance: 5 euros, free for under 16s. Refreshment bar and catering on site.

The aim of the evening was therefore to present the official jerseys to the finalists of the Lozère Cups, which will be played at the Delmas stadium, at the Chapter, on Thursday May 9, 2024. The departmental council , the municipalities from which the sports clubs come, the clubs themselves of course, as well as the partners of the ADFL, Crédit Agricole and Sport 2000, were therefore represented. On a table sat the coveted cups, as well as the wooden trophies, the historic Lozère Cup, and those of the Lozère Women's and Dalut Cups, made by the carpenter Éric Poudevigne, from Buisson.

Coupe Lozère, Le Chastel – Chanac

This year there will be an unprecedented winner of the Lozère Cup, since neither team has ever won it. The president of AS Chastelloise, Éric Teissèdre, came for this great moment of handing over the jerseys, accompanied by the man who founded the club in 1978, Gabriel Blanc. "This final is the outcome and the collective dynamic of our 163 members, from all categories& quot;, underlined the president. Advantage of her team: in the D3 championship, she also plays the climb to D2. But the president of ASC Chanac, Jérôme Souton, also believes in his team, which plays in the same D3 championship. She may only be 4th, but "she had a very good run: she released two D2s, Mende and Marvejols". She will be able to count on support: "Our team is 90% the children of our club, of our community . The village is behind us." Chastel will not be left out, which promises a great atmosphere at the Delmas stadium.

Women’s Lozère Cup and Dalut Cup

Soon the finals of the Lozère football cups, with Le Chastel-Chanac as the new headliner

The women of the Lozère Women's Cup, Avenir Foot Lozère and Association Saint-Georges SL. FREE MIDI – STEPHANIE BOULOIR

The finalists of the Lozère Women's Cup are Avenir Foot Lozère and Saint-Georges Sports et Loisirs. The Dalut Cup finalists are FC Sauveterre and AS Badaroux. All these teams will also undoubtedly find their supporters in the stands.

Soon the finals of the Lozère football cups, with Le Chastel-Chanac as the new headliner

The Dalut Cup finalists, FC Causse Sauveterre and AS Badaroux. FREE NOON – STEPHANIE BOULOIR

A great and beautiful day of football in perspective!

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