Sport Health and Nordic walking with the Omnisports Club

Sport Health and Nordic walking with the Omnisports Club

Salagou Lake, scene of one of the three courses to be completed on Saturday morning.

The COL will hold two events in the Lodève municipal park on June 7 and 8.

Like every year, the Lodève Omnisports Club (COL) is preparing two major public events in June, the Sport Santé/Sport Ensemble day and the Nordic walking gathering which will follow in Lodève and throughout the region Friday June 7 and Saturday June 8.

Three courses for all levels

Prepare them sticks, and go discover Lodévois and Larzac during the 7th Nordic walking gathering. Saturday June 8, the association will offer a morning around a discipline in the spirit of the times with three different courses between Lake Salagou, Lodévois and Larzac.

"We have at the COL, a section which goes out hiking several times a week", explains President Jean- Pierre Combes. "Nordic walking is also an adapted physical activity that we offer at our Maison Sport Santé du Lodévois and Larzac. The goal is to get people back on their feet and why not join our section to continue doing regular exercise."The organizers will therefore offer three routes of 9 km, 12 km and 15 km which will take walkers to Lake Salagou, the Escandorgue forest and the Labeil cirque, or to the Parlatges forest and the Larzac causse. "There is something for all levels, for beginners and experienced alike. Come and try, discover the discipline, that's also the goal of this day."

To conclude the morning, as As usual, a pasta party will be offered upon returning from their hike in the Lodève municipal park. This is also where on-site registrations will be taken from 8 a.m. You can also register now on the Hello Asso website. The link is available on the COL website.

Adapted physical activities on Friday

The day before, Friday June 7, the Lodévois Omnisports Club is organizing its 8th Sport Ensemble/Sport Santé day in the municipal park and on the Lutéva forecourt, with numerous stands and introductions to adapted physical activities open to all and free of charge from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. “We will have the participation of sports clubs that are partners of the Maison Sport Santé, the departmental committees for hiking, handball, basketball, rugby, the League against cancer and France Alzheimer” specifies the president. We will also find the Comptoir médical, de l'Abeille verte, the Inicea La Vallonie breath clinic, the Mission locale and the territorial professional health community of the Centre Hérault. An introduction to wheelchair handball will take place in the Ramadier room and a round table on the theme “Moving every day: where and how in the heart of Hérault” is scheduled in the Frêche room of the Vallot high school at 7 p.m.

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