Sporting dreams of a victory and a podium

Sporting dreams of a victory and a podium

This match seems without stakes but Langogne wants 3rd place!

The last day will probably not upset the ranking of Pool B of Regional 3 and the four teams at the back of the pack will go down to the lower division: Cébazat, Martres de Veyre and Fontannes can no longer catch up . However, the fourth team that will go down has not yet been chosen: if Sporting, with 31 points, is out of reach, four teams will play their destiny in this last match to avoid 9th place.

The Sporting match at Fontannes should allow it to play liberated, ending the year in style, with a victory to reassure itself and definitively leave this dangerous zone, facing an opponent who does not play nothing. The 3rd, Vendat, plays against the leader: in the event of a defeat for Vendat and a victory for Langogne, Sporting could find itself on the podium!

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