Sports rescue: podiums and places of honor for the Sétois

Sports rescue: podiums and places of honor for the Sétois

Sortie nationale pour les jeunes sauveteurs.

The MNSL Sète have played in two French championships, the first being that of Nationale 1, in Tarbes.

Among the cadets, we will particularly remember the 14th place of Lison Sorli in the tube buoy. And in juniors, Zoé Chevallier multiplied the places of honor, 9th in the super lifeguard, 8th in the obstacle, 7th in the combined and 6th in the fin mannequin and the tube buoy. Sacha Pages, for his part, finished 14th in the palm model.

As a team, the club took 8th place in the 4×50 m tube buoy relay (Lison Sorli, Chiara Ferrer, Élise André and Zoé Chevallier) as well as in the 4×25 m mannequin relay.< /p>

Sports rescue: podiums and places of honor for the Sétois

Lison Sorli joins Zoé Chevallier on the list of high-level hopefuls.

He also finished 9th in the 4×50 m obstacle relay (Romain Ferraro, Mathias Guieu, Pierrick Mattei and Sacha Pages) and 10th in the mixed relay (Pierrick Mattei, Sacha Pages, Lison Sorli and Zoé Chevallier).

Finally, Mathias Guieu and Romain Ferraro finished 11th in the rope throw. Fifth in the SERC (first aid test), the MNSL Sète club finished 15th out of 35.

During the "France" N2, in Toulouse, Flavie Borrut, in cadets, finished 2nd in the super lifeguard and 4th in the tube buoy. In juniors, Élise André finished 12th in the fins dummy, 11th in the dummy, 10th in the super lifeguard and 8th in the combined.

Finally, among the seniors, Mathias Guieu took 6th place in the obstacle course and 10th in the dummy, while Romain Ferraro finished 5th in the combined. As for the mixed relay (Flavie Borrut, Élise André, Romain Ferraro and Mathias Guieu) it finished in 5th place.

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