Squat evacuated, Didier Deschamps and Brigitte Macron in Nîmes, uniform at school… the main news in the region

Squat evacuated, Didier Deschamps and Brigitte Macron in Nîmes, uniform at school... the main news in the region

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Petition for the recreational center in Mende

#CHILDREN – Concern at the Education League about the future of leisure reception without accommodation Maxi’Mômes de Mende. A petition was even launched by the families concerned to avoid the closure of the structure on February 1, 2024. At issue: the precarious situation of the Lozère establishment. A solution should be found with the community of communes Cœur de Lozère – which has provided exceptional aid of 25,000 euros; – and the Family Allowance Fund. In 2023, 195 children were welcomed, or 138 families concerned.

Yellow pieces: Didier Deschamps and Brigitte Macron in Nîmes

#GARD – The most successful footballer-coach in the history of the French team, with two World Cups, the Blues coach Didier Deschamps will be present in Nîmes this Tuesday, January 23 afternoon. Not for football but as part of the “Yellow Coins 2024” which he sponsors. On this occasion, he is expected at the Maison des adolescents in Nîmes, with representatives of the Hospital Foundation, organizer of donation campaigns intended to improve the hospitalization conditions of children and adolescents. In 2023, in Occitanie, 14 projects were financed by the “Yellow Pieces” for more than 600,000 €.

Hérault: the uniform is becoming clearer in schools

#BEZIERS/PEROLS/LAGRAND-MOTTE –On a voluntary basis, the mayor of Pérols Jean-Pierre Rico explains his choice to see the uniform be worn in the schools of his municipality. "I’accepted for several reasons. Already, I am very attached to secularism. And also to erase the social differences between the kid who has 30 &euro jeans; and the kid who has jeans for 300 €." Remember that the decision belongs to the school council of each establishment. For now, we know the allocated budget: 200 euros per child. 100 euros payable by the State and 100 euros payable by the municipality. in Pérols, 300 children are affected. In La Grande-Motte, Mayor Stéphane Rossignol details the outfits: "Five tops, one for each day, two bottoms and two sweaters or sweatshirts." Unlike Pérols or Béziers, there is, for the moment, no jacket provided. in Béziers, on Monday, the unique outfit that 719 students will wear from February 26 was presented: blue-gray blazer, pants or skirt. On the blazer, a coat of arms in the city's colors, with the camel, and the name of each school.

The number of the day: 2

#SETE –Two new ferry lines will open in 2024 from Sète. The Corscia Ferries company has decided to connect the unique island to Majorca, in Spain, and to Île-Rousse, in Corsica. For the Sète-Mallorca connection, departures will take place from April 10, then every Wednesday at 6 p.m., until the end of June. Arrival is scheduled for 9 a.m. at the port of Alcudia. For the Sète-Corsica line, three round trips are announced for Mondays July 1, 8 and 15, 2024.

Migrants: a squat evacuated to Nîmes

#GARD – In the early morning, this Monday, January 22, the young migrants who occupied the squat in the Valdegour district, in Nîmes, been evacuated. Prefecture, Department and associations took charge of their rehousing. "Many young people are sick, several were hypothermic", deplores the director of the center against exclusions from the Red Cross. Some of these young migrants present themselves as minors. While awaiting their assessment by the courts, they will be accommodated in hostels or in a hotel. If they are declared minors, they will be taken care of by a Department, according to a national distribution key. The others will return to a squat or apply for regularization or risk being forced to leave the territory.

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