Starligue: after its slap in Kiel in the Champions League, the MHB wins in Saran thanks in particular to a very great Desbonnet

Starligue: after its slap in Kiel in the Champions League, the MHB wins in Saran thanks in particular to a very great Desbonnet

Valentin Porte and the Montpellier residents recovered. MAXPPP – Pascal Proust

A few days after its huge European disappointment in Kiel (31-21), the MHB recovered in the championship by winning in Saran (27-33) on Sunday May 5 during the 27th day of Starligue .

Winner with authority over Saran on Sunday, Montpellier found the mental and physical resources to bounce back after the enormous European disappointment.

We were watching for the reaction of the injured Montpellier beast, three days after the enormous disappointment of not qualifying for the Final Four of the Champions League.

Starligue: the ranking and all the results of the 27th day

If the Hérault squad had to go from Kiel to Orléans without going through the house, it showed that it had the character and the heart to succeed in this transition in the Loiret and stay in ambush in third place, three units behind Nantes.

Desbonnet unleashed

Mission accomplished then. If the Héraultais still had in mind this cruel defeat on the banks of the Baltic by 10 goals (31-21), brutally sealing their European adventure, they made it a point of honor to start again with a vengeance.< /p>

Among a Saran team, which is fighting not to go down, the MHB did not fall into the trap and was able to escape after a short round of observation. Carried by a solid and unleashed Rémi Desbonnet (18 saves at 40% success) Montpellier never gave the Septors hope.

This collective victory – 11 players scored – shows that this team has a beautiful collective soul. To avoid regretting anything from this season and still hope to believe in the miracle of finishing runner-up to PSG, the MHB has two weeks to prepare for the reception in Nantes, with an international break in between. A victory would allow everyone to still dream of the Champions League.

Saran – Montpellier: 27-33

Palais des sports d’Orléans.
Half time: 14-18.
Referees: MM. Belabbes and Rahim.
Spectators: approximately 2,000.
SARAN: Panjan (21%, 7 saves on 31 shots including 0/2 on penalties), Genty (22%, 2/9 dt 0/1 pen.) . Delecroix (4 goals on 8 shots), Damiani (2/7), Deumal (2/2), Pietre (1/1), Clarac (3/4), Oliveras (2/8), Robyns (0/1) , Accambray (7/10 dt 2/3 pen.), Kollé (2/6), Foucault (1/2), (cap.) Ramond (1/1), Deleau (1/1), Mamdouh (1/4).
Two minutes at: Delecroix (1st).
MONTPELLIER: Desbonnet (40%, 18/45 dt 1/3 pen.), Bolzinger. Karlsson (5/9), Pellas (4/5 dt 1/1 pen.), Fernandez (3/3), A. Lenne (4/7), Skube (2/3 dt 2/2 pen.), Prat ( 3/3), Konan (1/1), Monte Dos Santos (1/2), (cap.) Porte (3/5), Berthier (5/8), Nacinovic (2/2).
Two minutes at: Karlsson (12th), Fernandez (17th), Berthier (43rd, 48th), A. Lenne (52nd).
Score evolution: 4-4 (8th), 5-8 (15th), 9-13 (21st), 16-23 (39th), 21-27 (47th), 24-32 (55th).

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