Starligue: before facing Zagreb on Wednesday, MHB did the essential by winning against Chartres in the championship on Saturday

Starligue: before facing Zagreb on Wednesday, MHB did the essential by winning against Chartres in the championship on Saturday

Karlsson a été l'homme du match contre Chartres, samedi soir. MAXPPP – JEAN MICHEL MART

Avant le match retour face aux Croates en Ligue des champions mercredi, le MHB a fait ce qu'il fallait en battant Chartres (39-36), non sans mal, samedi 30 mars au FDI Stadium lors de la 22e journée de Starligue.

Throughout his long career, Patrice Canayer has never hidden it, he hates defeat. The turmoil of that conceded in the semi-final of the Coupe de France against PSG is there to attest to this. The future ex-coach of Montpellier Handball had warned that his team could also lose everything during the latter week of March.

But after Wednesday's draw in Zagreb (27-27), during the true-false round of 16 first leg of the Champions League, then the victory won against Chartres on Saturday in the Starligue, the Montpellier residents are assured to remain in the running on all the tables on which they are still present.

A fiery Karlsson in front of his family

However, everything was far from perfect against the Chartrains of the former goalkeeper of the Hérault house, Nebojša Stojinovic. The fault lies with Karl Konan's suffering foot, preventing him from holding his place as captain in the Montpellier defense on Saturday.

Without him, Veron Nacinovic, Bryan Monte and even Arthur Lenne tried everything to plug the gaps. After twenty minutes of adaptation and a 4-0 past Chartres, we thought the matter was over at half-time (23-17), thanks to "twelve excellent minutes in defense", dixit Patrice Canayer.

But also to a levitating Sebastian Karlsson and author of six goals in the first period (eight in total), in front of a group of friends who came straight from Sweden to support him. It must be said that the experienced Scandinavian was well helped by the revivals of an efficient Rémi Desbonnet in his cages (two goals and eleven saves).

Konan missed

But it's not Karl Konan who wants it, the Chartrains taking advantage of the air gaps in defense to come back to two small goals in the last ten minutes (35-33, 24th). Without ultimately worrying Patrice's men Canayer, who had little taste for his team's defensive performance.

"Those who played central defenders did not show that they were up to Karl's level, which is still a bit annoying, he scolded. We conceded 36 goals and that's not entirely normal. But I am very happy with the victory and many players gave me satisfaction."

Montpellier – Chartres: 39-36

Half-time: 23-17.
Referees: A.-L.Paradis and J.Rolland.
Spectators:2 500.
MONTPELLIER: Bolzinger (0%, 1 save on 7 shots including 1/1 on penalties), Desbonnet (24%, 11/46 dt 1/7 penalties and 2 goals on 2 shots). Karlsson (8/9), Simonet (5/7), Pellas (3/3 on penalties), Fernandez (2/2), Panic, A. Lenne (4/5), Skube (2/5 dt 1/1 pen.), Prat, Monte (6/9), (cap.) Porte (2/2), Y.Lenne (0/1), Berthier (2/3), Caille, Nacinovic (3/3).
Two minutes à : Nacinovic (7th), Porte (13th), Panic (16th), Monte (45th).
CHARTRES : Radic (16%, 2 saves on 12 shots), Bomastar (24%, 8/34 dt 0/4 pen.). (cap.) Ilic (3/4 on penalties), Figueras (0/1), Ben Salem (4/6), Kudinov (3/4), Dimitrov (2/3), Abutovic (1/1), Davyes , Bzdynga (0/1), Onufriyenko (5/9), Jund (6/8), Gayduchenko (1/3), Tribillon (6/7 dt 4/4 pen.), Vérin (5/7).
Two minutes à : Verin (20th, 49th), Dimitrov (23rd), Bzdynga (29th), Ilic (46th), Jund (58th).

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