Starligue: lack of efficiency, Usam Nîmes did not find the light in Dunkirk and sees Europe moving away

Starligue: lack of efficiency, Usam Nîmes did not find the light in Dunkirk and sees Europe moving away

Acquevillo et les Nîmois ont encore craqué à Dunkerque. MAXPPP – Marc Demeure

À cause d’une efficacité en berne, Nîmes a plié à Dunkerque (31-26), jeudi 18 avril lors de la 26e journée de Starligue et voit une qualification en Coupe d’Europe la saison prochaine s’éloigner.

The announcer invited all of Dewerdt to stand up at the kick-off and applaud until the first northern goal. When he spoke, everyone was seated. And for a while. It must be said that the USDK launched its evening story with the approximation as companion and ball losses galore. Nîmes, despite Valentin Kieffer already up to speed, took the lead (0-3).

We had to wait until the 13th and a seven-meter throw from Jean-Loup Faustin to see the nets shake (1-3). A minute later, the Northerners were unbridled (3-3)! And they continued, cleanly, against the Gardois who were not very effective in shooting (8-5, 20th).

Starligue: the ranking and all the results of the 26th day

Nîmes kept the score ticking thanks to Damien Gibernon, Quentin Minel and Jean-Jacques Acquevillo, but efficiency was sorely lacking: 12/24 on the shoot (50%) against 14/19 (74%). nbsp;%) for the Northerners. Dunkirk completed the first act in the opposite way to the start: a nice kung-fu Tossin – Pelayo to switch to 14-12.

Baznik can’t do it

Quentin Dupuy, future Dunkirk player at the start of the school year, and his teammates were quickly on the ropes (19-14, 36th). A 3-0 rekindled hope (19-17), especially as Jean-Loup Faustin, the northern playmaker, sanctioned for a simulation in defense (third time two minutes) received a penalty. a red (21-19, 41st). It had the gift of waking up the Dewerdt room.

The Gardois lost the thread again and the elastic stretched (24-19, 46th). Joze Baznik, who was coming off a complicated outing against Chambéry (39-31), like his team, was unable to make the few saves (6/29, 17.6% of balls stopped) , notably on Cornelius Kragh's long-distance shots, to revive Nîmes (26-21, 49th).

The entry into the money-time left little doubt about the outcome (28-22, 53rd). Dunkerque calmly carried this success to the end. Julien Rebichon's teammates will aim to relaunch next Friday at home against Chartres.

Dunkirk – Nîmes: 31-26

Stade de Flandres.
Half time: 14-12.
Referees: M. Salah and A.Corsini.
DUNKIRK: Sejr Jensen (25%, 1 save out of 4 penalty shots), Kieffer (43%, 17/40 dt 0/1 pen.). Afgour (1 goal on 1 shot), Billat, Nagy, Klimkow, Nyateu (1/3), Tossin (5/5), Kragh (8/9), Yoshida (0/1), Martinez (4/6), Nielsen (4/4 on penalties), Faustin (4/5 dt 2/2pen.), Marie-Joseph (1/3), (cap.) Pelayo (3/3), Indjai.
Two minutes at: Faustin (17th, 36th, 39th), Nagy (22nd, 53rd), Afgour (32nd), Kragh (34th, 36th), Yoshida (59th ).
Red card to: Faustin (39th).
NÎMES: Baznik (18%, 6 saves on 34 shots including 0/5 on penalties), Del Blanco (50%, 2/4 dt 0/1 pen. ). Peyre, Poyet (1 goal on 1 shot), Gallego (2/3), (cap.) Rebichon (1/2), Zuzo, Konradsson (1/4), Dupuy, Vincent (1/4 including 1/2 penalties), Gibernon (4/9), Tobie (4/5), Acquevillo (5/6), Minel (4/6), Sanad (3/7 dt 3/3 pen.).
Two minutes at: Pelayo (3rd), Konradsson (4th), Tobie (18th), Gibernon (29th), Gallego (41st), Dupuy (51st).

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