Starligue: the nightmare continues for Usam Nîmes, soundly beaten in Toulouse, a week after the humiliation in the derby

Starligue: the nightmare continues for Usam Nîmes, soundly beaten in Toulouse, a week after the humiliation in the derby

Contrairement au match aller, Abdelhak et les Nîmois n'ont pas existé contre Toulouse. MAXPPP – FREDERIC CHARMEUX

Après la lourde défaite du derby au Parnasse face au MHB (16-27), l'Usam Nîmes a mordu la poussière face au Fénix Toulouse (38-28), vendredi 8 mars lors de la 20e journée de Starligue.

A clear defeat which undoubtedly puts a definitive end to their meager hopes of European qualification since the Gardois are eight points behind their tormentor, fourth, this Saturday morning.

Easy winners of the first leg (34-27) and above all undefeated in Toulouse since… 2017 (four wins and two draws in the last six trips!), the Nîmes experienced a much less pleasant evening this time.

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However, they had taken the match from the right end by quickly leading 4-1 then 5-2. A first gap in the air allowed Toulouse to come back (6-5) before Usam took back control (8-6, 12th). The swan song.

Nerves on edge

Loss of balls, clumsiness, lack of efficiency: they then missed everything. A catastrophic end to the half in every way immediately punished by a Fenix ​​team who weren't asking for that much.

Starligue: the ranking and all the results of the 20th day

Heads lowered, Julien Rebichon's teammates returned to the locker room with morale in their socks and full suitcases (22-14). What's the worst that could happen ? An equally bad start to the second period and a little nervousness to sink a little deeper like these two times two minutes collected by the yet experienced Jean-Jacques Acquevillo (25-15, 37th).

Sad end of season ?

The rest was a long ordeal (32-19, 45th) which only stopped at the final whistle. A collective shipwreck from which only Jasper Konradsson escaped (5/6, three assists).

Now stuck in the middle of the table, the Nîmes have little to hope for and even less to fear from an end to the season which could seem very long.

You will still have to find the mental resources to complete the adventure well and avoid falling asleep too quickly. The reception of Saint-Raphaël, fifth in the championship, after the international break could encourage them to wake up

Toulouse – Nîmes: 38-28

Palais des sports André-Brouat.
Half-time: 22-14.
Referees: R. and K.Gasmi.
TOULOUSE: Lettens (32%, 13 saves on 41 shots including 0/2 on penalties), Paul (100%, 1/1 pen.) . Robert, Briet, Giraudeau, Feuchtmann (9 goals from 10 shots including 4/4 penalties), Nyembo (1/1), Jarry (1/2), Kempf (7/7), Diallo (1/1), Pettersson ( 3/3), (cap.) Ilic (3/5 dt 0/1 pen.), Martins Vieira (5/7), Abdi (5/7).
Two minutes à : Abdi (38th), Pettersson (49th).
NÎMES : Baznik (27 %, 6/22 dt 1/3 pen.), Demaille (19 %, 5/27 dt 0/2 pen .). Poyet (0/2), Gallego (1/2), Derisbourg (2/3), (cap.) Rebichon (0/3), Zuzo, Konradsson (5/6), Dupuy (0/1), Vincent ( 4/7), Gibernon (2/3), Tobie (2/3), Acquevillo (3/5), Minel (1/6), Abdelhak (7/9), Sanad (1/3).< br /> Two minutes à : Minel (33rd), Acquevillo (36th, 37th).

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