Stefanos Tsitsipas: “A favorite for this year at Roland Garros ? I would say Alejandro Davidovich Fokina”

Stefanos Tsitsipas: “A favorite for this year at Roland Garros ? I would say Alejandro Davidovich Fokina”

Tsitsipas sera opposé à Fucsovics au premier tour. MAXPPP – ETTORE FERRARI

Stefanos Tsitsipas fait partie des outsiders à la victoire finale cette année à Roland-Garros mais le Grec a dévoilé le nom de son favori. Il est Espagnol mais ce n’est pas Rafael Nadal selon lui.

When you win in Monte-Carlo, that is to say one of the biggest tournaments of the season, on clay moreover, you automatically become the ;one of the favorites to win at Roland-Garros.

"I played amazing tennis that week, my one-handed backhand worked great, reported Stefanos Tsitsipas, Friday. I had a great week and managed to really celebrate at the end to feel emotions I hadn't felt in two years."

Opposing Fucsovics in the first round

But the rest was a little more complicated for the Greek with a defeat in the final straight away in Barcelona as well as defeats in the first round in Madrid then in the quarterfinals in Rome.

The credit of the world No.9 is somewhat damaged, especially since a not easy first round is expected for him against the 59th in the world, the Hungarian Marton Fucsovics. "I want to get through this first week", he actually announced.

An extremely open Roland-Garros this year

The native of Athens would be well inspired to do so because, behind all, everything is very open this year at Roland-Garros. Between young guns like Sinner and Alcaraz lacking rhythm following injuries, or big names like Nadal and Djokovic, in total limbo.

"Yes, it’s one of the most open Roland-Garros in recent years, believes Tsitsipas. There are many players who can play well on clay and the competition is always fierce on these courts. I think we're going to see some intense and ecstatic matches this year."

But in this case, who is Tsitsipas' favorite ? "I would probably say Alejandro Davidovich Fokina", he replied while speaking (34th world) after hesitating for a few seconds. All this provoked laughter from the audience, having understood the second degree of Greek. "I'm serious", he nevertheless assured.

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