Stopped at 214 km/h, new future for Pissevin, firefighters contaminated with PFAS… the main news in the region

Stopped at 214 km/h, new future for Pissevin, firefighters contaminated with PFAS... the main news in the region

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Eternal pollutants: contaminated firefighters

#P-O – "We suspected it, but it was confirmed. 100% of firefighters tested are positive for PFAS, eternal pollutants." This is revealed by the samples taken from around twenty firefighters on May 16, 2024, during a demonstration in Paris on the risks of the profession. Christophe Garcia, secretary of the CGT of Sdis 66, welcomes these results with concern, especially since one of the volunteers is a Catalan firefighter. "We don't call them not eternal for nothing, we keep them in the body and it’s very difficult to get rid of", explains the unionist. These PFAS have been classified “carcinogenic” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. On May 30, 2024, the Senate adopted a bill banning PFAS, starting in 2026. But these bans do not concern firefighters' flame-retardant clothing, as well as firefighting foams, while firefighters had requested it. Minister Christophe Béchu explained that such a ban had to be discussed at European level. The text must still go before the Assembly.

Today's number: 214

#AUDE – 214 km/h, that’s the speed at which these two drivers were driving in Aude, Saturday June 1st, until being intercepted by the gendarmes of the departmental road safety squadron. The two men were going to the Pyrénées-Orientales to take part in a tuning concentration, but the two cars finally left with the tow truck in the direction of the pound. Both drivers were subject to immediate withholding of their driving licenses.

In Nîmes, the metamorphosis of Pissevin is underway

#URBANISM – Change the image of a neighborhood that often makes the headlines for acts of violence linked to drug trafficking. In Nîmes, this is the ambition of the New Urban Renewal Program which should be completed in 2026. First point: water. "When there are torrential rains, it runs off, explains municipal deputy Olivier Bonnet. The idea is to remove the slab to find green spaces."The three slabs will therefore disappear as well as the Carrefour Market and the Crous courtyards. Instead, a green flow and grassy areas will be created which will serve as water retention basins. Each building will be completely renovated and the Langevin school will have a real square. Finally, the Wagner gallery where traffic abounds will be destroyed. A street will be built and the businesses moved.

Menstrual swimsuits made in Montpellier

#ENTRPRISE – Solki is the name of this 100% Montpellier brand created by Alexane Marcel and Gaël Rouit to avoid women the stress of swimming when they have their period. "We wanted a job that had meaning, we achieved it", rejoice Alexane and Gaël. These swimsuits are therefore made up of fairly fine periodic protection and the waterproof fabric prevents leaks. The swimsuits are sold on the young brand's website. The first year, in 2022, they sold 500 jerseys. This year, they hope to sell more than 10,000.

Serial resignations of elected officials

#OUEST HERAULT – Villemagne-l’Argentière, Rosis, Caroux or even Maraussan, this year, the increase in resignations from & rsquo;municipal elected officials show the difficulty of the mayors’ mission. in Villemagne-l’Argentière, "the mayor was in conflict with a municipal agent, he decided to leave with his close guard" , explains an administrator. A by-election will take place on June 23, 2024. Same scenario in Rosis where the municipal council lost a third of its members. in Caroux, over the past two years, 4 elected officials have resigned. To help these elected officials, the CFMEL organizes training. But sometimes that's not enough. For the moment, in West Hérault, three partial municipal elections have been organized following resignations.

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