Strike day at Horiba Medical Montpellier on the “increase sharing strategy”

Strike day at Horiba Medical Montpellier on the “increase sharing strategy”

Les salariés devant le site d'Horiba ce jeudi matin. D.R.

Une centaine de salariés de l'entreprise japonaise installée à Euromédecine est en grève ce jeudi à l'appel de la CGT. Le conflit porte sur les augmentations annuelles de salaires et le mode de répartition des primes d'objectifs. 

After two walkouts organized at the beginning of the month, the CGT of Horiba Medical, the company specializing in the design and distribution of diagnostic machines used in hematology , called for a day of strike this Thursday. This movement was followed by one hundred and ten employees, according to the union, on a site which accommodates 533 people.

Salary increase considered insufficient

The conflict comes after three organizations signed a report of disagreement over mandatory annual negotiations which mainly focus on salary increases. According to the CGT, the proposal for a general increase of 3% is not considered acceptable by some of the staff who deplore a differentiation in treatment between categories. The union requests a distribution of the envelope "in an equitable manner. This approach aims to ensure that every employee receives a fair and equal raise".

Threats for June and September

Beyond this, Hissam Abderrakib, the union delegate, believes that a "problem arises regarding "the strategy for sharing increases& ;quot; linked to the method of calculating objective bonuses which favor the highest incomes. "The percentage is different  according to the categories and is calculated on the annual salary of each ". No meeting with management took place this Thursday. For Hissam Abderrakib and the CGT, new social movements are planned for June and September.

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