Students from Jean-Mermoz high school help schools in Benin

Students from Jean-Mermoz high school help schools in Benin

La remise des chèques s’est déroulée dans l’enceinte du collège.

Ce lundi 13 mai, un chèque de 800 € a été remis à l’association Baobab.

The partnership of the Baobab association with the Jean-Mermoz high school made it possible, once again this year, to raise funds to help educate children from two schools in Benin.

The operation aims to enable them to purchase the necessary basic materials: pens, notebooks, slates, among others.

This Monday, May 13, the Béziers leaders of the association, Joëlle and Alain Chancel, were given two checks by the teachers of two classes at the college.

Valérie Robin and Frédérique Carrier, who are at the origin of the partnership, worked with CAP sales students to carry out this project.

Involved students

Lana Lapaire, responsible for relations with businesses, helped in this action and was present with the high school team.

The association can no longer go on site at due to security concerns, it has established a relationship with a local bookstore for the purchase and distribution of supplies.

This year, in addition to collection and sale of books during the Christmas markets and the high school spring market, a stand was able to be set up thanks to the Béziers town hall, every Wednesday, on the Iranget market. The students mobilized to be present in order to raise funds for the Baobab association.

This partnership, in place since 2011, made it possible this year to raise nearly of €800. Anne Auclair, principal of the high school, wanted to point out to the students present who found the amount raised modest, the gap in privileges differentiating them from African students and the importance of sharing.

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