Swimming: the CNBM Masters shine on the national scene

Swimming: the CNBM Masters shine on the national scene

La délégation biterroise a décroché plusieurs médailles. CNBM

Après avoir ramené plusieurs médailles des championnats de France Hiver, au mois de mars dernier, les Masters du CNBM ont de nouveau fait briller les couleurs du club biterrois. 

A few days after the very good performances of the artistic section, rewarded with several medals at the inter-regional championships, the Masters of the Cercle des Nageurs Béziers Méditerranée (CNBM) did not miss the opportunity ;opportunity to also shine the colors of the Béziers club. Led by their coach Aurélie Rouget and engaged in all the pool races, nearly twenty swimmers from the club distinguished themselves by bringing back no less than 21 medals (11 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze) from the French summer championships in Montpellier. Special mention to Anne Bollegue, five-time gold medalist, and Alexandre Saint-Macary, French C2 champion in the 50m and 100m breaststroke. The two mixed and women's 4×50 (4 medley) relays also made a strong impression, both winning the best medals.

Young people on the bridge

Now it's time for young people with the League championships (juniors) and the French summer championships, during which the great hope of the Béziers club Nathan Berlioz will try to shine and strike a very big blow on the French swimming scene. Head full of golden dreams.

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