Taxes 2024: Leboncoin, Airbnb, Vinted, Blablacar… do these small additional income have to be declared ?

The online income declaration service has been open since April 11, 2024. Be careful not to forget to declare certain small additional income from the Blablacar, Vinted or even Leboncoin sites to the tax administration.

Since April 11, 2024, income earned in 2023 on clothing resale sites like Vinted must be declared for tax purposes. But only from 2,000 euros or at least thirty transactions carried out in 2023. The platform is obliged to send you an "annual income report" , indicates The Telegram.

Vinted and Leboncoin, it’s automatic

Just because you have to declare your sales does not mean you will necessarily be taxed. Taxation is only made if the amount received from all your sales over the year exceeds 5,000 euros. In this case, you are subject to the capital gains tax regime on the sale of movable property at the rate of 19%.

The rules are the same on private classified ad platforms (Leboncoin, Ebay…) as for Vinted. But for certain goods such as furniture, household appliances and automobiles sold are exempt from taxes. Particularities exist for precious metals and jewelry over 5,000. €.

If you bought a good to resell it, or if you made it yourself, whether on Vinted, leboncoin, social networks or eBay, this is considered a professional activity. Revenue must be declared and is taxable. Depending on the amount (more or less 188 700 €), you can choose one tax regime rather than another.

You do not need to declare the rental of your apartment or house if you received less than 760 euros; in 2023 and if it was your main residence. Otherwise, you must declare it to the tax authorities. If you received less than 77 700 € in total, you will then depend on the "micro BIC" diet.

All services must be declared

The sale of luxury accessories or car rental is subject to declaration and follows the same rules as with Airbnb.

If you are a driver on BlaBlacar and you only share the costs of a trip with your passengers without making a profit, you do not need to declare your income from carpooling platforms. Conversely, if you made a profit on your journey, declaration is mandatory. The "micro BIC" s’scheme applies if the recipe is then less than 77 700 €. Beyond that, it’s the “real” regime.

You give support or guitar lessons, DIY, gardening ? All services must be declared to the tax administration. They will be taxable, depending on the regime chosen (micro NC or real, depending on whether the receipts are less than or greater than 77 700 €).

Finally, no income tax declaration is required for vegetables grown in vegetable gardens of less than 500 m². Beyond that, or if the cultivation is carried out in a shared garden, declaration becomes obligatory, as agricultural income.

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