Teachers' strike: minimum reception service, demands, demonstrations… what to expect in the region this Thursday ?

Teachers' strike: minimum reception service, demands, demonstrations... what to expect in the region this Thursday ?

Le point sur la mobilisation de l'Education nationale de ce jeudi 1er février 2024. MIKAEL ANISSET – MIDI LIBRE

This Thursday, February 1, 2024, teachers are called to strike over salaries but also lack of resources. The mobilization should be significant in the region, Midi Libre takes stock.

In the middle of the farmers' movement, this Thursday, February 1, it is the teachers who will demonstrate on the occasion of a day of strike. This call was launched by various unions due to an increase in salaries or even an increase in recruitment. This day of strike is also a reaction to the comments of the Minister of National Education, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, mired in controversies.

The point in the region

In the regions, the mobilization should be quite strong, so this Thursday is announced as “black”. On the Gard side, in Alès, around ten nursery schools (such as Mandajors, Paul Langevin and Près Saint Jean) will operate at minimum service ;#39;home. Elementary schools Claire Lacombe, Louis Pasteur< /strong>, Veigalier will follow suit.

In Nîmes, a demonstration will start at 10:30 a.m. at Carré d'art on the morning of this Thursday. A delegation hopes to be received at the prefecture at midday."The strike will probably be well followed with this call from a good number of union organizations", estimates a teacher.

In Hérault, the anger of the unions is felt, particularly in Montpellier. "Today colleagues ask us if we should not do like the farmers. The strong expectation is the drop in class numbers. However, the announcement of the level groups does not meet the expectations of staff", explains Mathieu Marchal of FO education. In the Hérault capital, the demonstration will leave at 2 p.m. in front of the Opera, head towards the station, Jeu-de-Paume, Peyrou and finally go to the rectorate. < /p>

Several Hérault colleges are also requesting their classification as a priority education network, after a first gathering this Wednesday in front of the rectorate. "The map of priority education zones must be reviewed. Lots of students are asking for the means to work normally but we have the impression that they are left on the margins" explains Florian Georges (Snes), history-geography teacher at La Dullague college in Béziers.

This day of strike will also affect Sète. The after-school leisure reception (ALP) will be impacted, this means that there is no catering or meals from the bag, nor after-school reception. Midi Libre takes stock of the establishments concerned.

The Aveyron town of Millau will not escape it either. After the remarks deemed "contemptuous" on the part of Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, this Thursday he&# 39;will act as a "large unitary mobilization", announces Julie Bernat-Sandragné of the SUI-FSU.

In total, 38% of teachers will be on strike in Millau and 12% among specialized territorial agents of nursery schools (Atsem) and staff.  The Crès school will be the most impacted with 100% of teachers on strike. Midi Libre took stock of the situation awaiting parents and students. Please note that the only gathering planned in Aveyron is in Rodez.

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