The 2024 Dakar regionals: Minaudier shines, Dumas loses big

The 2024 Dakar regionals: Minaudier shines, Dumas loses big

Serradori et Minaudier ont passé les dunes sans trembler et sans casse. A.S.O/DPPI/A.Vincent

Des ennuis mécaniques entre Al Salamiya et Al Hofuf (631 kilomètres, dont 299 chronométrés) ont mis fin aux espoirs de grand résultat final au classement général du Gardois.

Romain Dumas' Dakar 2024 has been almost perfect so far. The talented Cévennes driver was fighting at the front of the race. At the start of the fourth stage, he occupied fifth place in the general classification against rally-raid specialists Nasser Al Attiyah, Sébastien Loeb and Stéphane Peterhansel.

Mechanical problems between Al Salamiya and Al Hofuf (631 kilometers, including 299 timed) put an end to his hopes of a great final result in the general classification. The Rebellion Racing driver gave back more than 2 hours to the leaders of stage 4.

The best regional representative is now the Aveyron co-driver Loïc Minaudier, sixth of the day and provisional with Mathieu Serradori. The two men also dominate in the 2-wheel drive category, which also includes the Bagnolais firefighter Valentin Sarreaud who came 17th.

Now place at the Empty Quarter

The day after his victory in SSV with Yasir Seaidan, Gard co-driver Adrien Metge did not come far from repeating it as he finished second in the special. He is one rank ahead of his Aveyron counterpart Martin Bonnet, and four ahead of his brother Michael.

The Aveyron crew Florian Vayssade – Nicolas Rey (19th) did not have the day he hoped for. Now for the Empty Quarter, the longest uninterrupted stretch of sand in the world. Quite a challenge for the competitors, including Millau biker Vincent Biau who finished 95th this Tuesday.

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