The Alès Plage tavern is in the making: what we know about the changes for this 2024 season…

The Alès Plage tavern is in the making: what we know about the changes for this 2024 season...

Christophe Hugon tiendra seul la barre de la guinguette d'Alès Plage. MIDI LIBRE – CHARLES LEDUC

Christophe Hugon, who has just won the call for tenders that the municipality had launched, is getting ready. And this year, he will be alone at the helm of the establishment which will take up residence on the banks of the Gardon, from June until the end of August… hellip;

A place that has become, over the years, a summer must-see in the capital of the Cévennes, the Alès Plage tavern is back for a spin. Even for five rounds! Indeed, after having applied for the call for tenders launched by the City until mid-February, Christophe Hugon, who in recent years managed this seasonal establishment with Marie-Hélène Monier, had confirmation last week that his file had been accepted. Thus, as he himself says, he will carry out, in the sunny days of 2024, his "fifteenth season of Alès Plage". And there will still be many more to ensure since the call for tenders covers five years… hellip; The first three contracts signed with the municipality ran over three seasons; only the last one aimed for five.

The decision of Marie-Hélène Monier

On the other hand, contrary to what the Alésiens have observed in previous summers, it is no longer a duo who will hold the helm of the tavern, Marie-Hélène Monier having handed over to Christophe Hugon. Speaking about’"a very good collaboration for eleven years, with good moments", she explains that "the economic situation is ripe for this. The establishment of the heart of the city (L’Atelier de Marie, in this case) takes more and more time. And having time to live is good too…"

Announcements from Christophe Hugon

Now is the time for preparations. "We were already working on it a little bit but, here, we are right in it", smiles the manager, therefore officiating alone. Discreet about what the new vintage of his tavern will be, he nevertheless promises "big changes concerning the structure of the restaurant" before to discuss, succinctly and without going into details, "quite a few projects and lots of new things". That being said, regulars of this summer hotspot in Alès will reconnect with "the organized evenings. We're planning everything!"

This summer’s team is being recruited

Christophe Hugon also works to build his team, whether in the dining room, at the bar or behind the stove. "I’had already launched recruitment on social networks and, now, I’call everyone", smiles Christophe Hugon. In the kitchen, he has already found his chef and his second, "who have arrived from Reunion, where they spent the season".

It will be open from June 19 to August 31

Even if everyone doubts it, the Alesian beach will return to its usual areas: on the left bank, near the Pont-Neuf. And the tavern will open its doors from June 19 to the evening of August 31. Father's Day arriving too early this year (Sunday June 16, Editor's note), it will therefore not be celebrated there.

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