The Alespo fair is in full swing with some newcomers among the stands

The Alespo fair is in full swing with some newcomers among the stands

L'entreprise Eleganza Auto, basée au pôle mécanique, est l'un des nouveaux stands de cette édition. Midi Libre – Paul Barraud

De nouveaux professionnels ont rejoint, cette année, la grande foire d'Alès qui se tient jusqu'à ce lundi 18 mars au parc des expositions. 

For this first day of Alespo, Friday March 15, Guy Benoit, president of the eponymous association which organizes this Alès fair at the exhibition center is already busy with customers: "We're starting to get into the rhythm! After installation, you have to get into the bath. But it's starting to get crowded."

Until Monday, March 18, no less than 170 exhibitors from the Basin are present to showcase their products and services that can help improve your daily life. Solutions for ;#39;housing, means of transport, furnishings, decorations… and even a beer brewer and tattoo parlor are to be discovered.

Some new ones, still local

"The idea is to remain a fair with a local dimension", recalls Guy Benoit. A fair which attracts, with each edition, a few newcomers. Among them, Frédéric Lujan, boss of the Eleganza auto company, based at the mechanical center for nine years, set up with a Ferrari on his stand, for the pleasure of the curious. 60~em>"This year, we said to ourselves: we're trying, he sums up.  Above all, we hope that it will help us to make ourselves known, to fill in what we are missing at the pole because not everyone goes there", he continues. In addition to offering beautification of luxury cars, the company offers a complete decoration, cleaning and maintenance service available to all brands. 

The hope of recognition is what motivates most new stallholders. "It's really an opportunity to make yourself known, especially when you have a new activity", opines Marion Rauret. A former veterinary nurse, this thirty-year-old from Ales has been betting, for a year, on importing "home management". A concept from the United States and Canada which consists of offering a personalized service to see how to better tidy and/or arrange your interior. "This can also concern moving in, or even house clearances if necessary.

For this first day of Alespo, Marion Rauret displays a rather optimistic face: "A lot of people pass by, are interested, pose questions. I have a real estate agency who told me she would like to see how we can work together. It's already positive!"

The salon is open this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Monday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Admission: 3 €, free for children under 12 and after 6 p.m. I subscribe to read more

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