“The arrival of video in our sport was unavoidable”: video refereeing will appear in the Starligue handball

“The arrival of video in our sport was unavoidable”: video refereeing will appear in the Starligue handball

Les arbitres de Starligue pourront s'aider de la vidéo à partir de la saison prochaine. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

The National Handball League announced this Friday, May 17, the arrival of video refereeing in Starligue from next season, as is already the case in the Champions League

An injustice like Frontignan experienced at the end of the meeting not long ago could therefore no longer take place. In Starleague at least. The National Handball League actually announced this Friday that video refereeing would be introduced from next season in the first division for the next four seasons.

"The National Handball League (LNH), in cooperation with the National Arbitration Commission (CNA) of the French Handball Federation (FFHB), has adopted the technical system identical to that put in place in particular in handball champions league", declares a press release from the NHL.

The sound of the referees available to the broadcasters

In this context, the referee pairs will therefore be able to consult the video in order to make a decision to verify that a goal is valid or not, to give a sanction to a player such as a red card, a bad change of team, an action at the end of the match which could change the result or the use of time-outs.

In addition to this system, the NHL announces that the video and sound signals from the referees can be broadcast live on television by the broadcasters themselves. Or even an application allowing match spectators to watch actions from the match they are attending.

"The arrival of Video Replay in our sport was unavoidable, declared Olivier Buy, president from the National Arbitration Commission to the French Federation. We must now train all the parties concerned including the Referees, Delegates, Coaches and players. A titanic task awaits us, we are ready to take up the challenge.

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