The Banque des Territoires signed, in 2023, in Occitanie, more than a billion euros in loans for social housing

The Banque des Territoires signed, in 2023, in Occitanie, more than a billion euros in loans for social housing

Patrick Martinez, directeur régional de la Banque des territoires Occitanie : le développement du logement, qu'il soit social ou intermédiaire, est érigé en priorité. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

The Caisse des Dépôts brand in the region also invested 123 million euros in equity. Housing is one of its priority areas of commitment.

"There are today, in Occitanie, 189 000 unsatisfied housing requests". Recently promoted to head of the Banque des Territoires Occitanie, Patrick Martinez very quickly identified the levers that his establishment needed to activate. Even if he recalls that "318 000 social housing units had been built thanks to the commitment of the Banque des Territoires in the region"< /em>, the effort required remains significant.

"We are today in the situation where we are trying to be constant in our ability to provide resources for the development of the region, and not just financial", he insists. Believing that its teams have the expertise "to support projects and decision-making".

Support for social housing "never reached in Occitanie"

Last year, the institution participated in financing the renovation of more than 4,800 housing units and the construction of more than 9,000. "This represents the equivalent of one billion euros committed", insists the regional director. According to the bank, the volume of loan requests to the local public sector and social housing has reached a level "never reached in Occitanie".

The leading financier of social housing in the region, thanks mainly to Livret A resources, the Banque des Territoires intervened with the various social landlords in order to offer them different options &quot ;solutions". The objective being, in the face of the current housing crisis, to unlock certain levers in order to encourage the construction of new housing.

Improving energy performance

Thus, a new envelope of "subsidized loans for very social housing" was proposed. It was accompanied by fixed rate loans, eco-loans, high balance sheet loans for green construction. "Our mission is to contribute to the success of projects undertaken in the region, whatever they may be, local authorities, social landlords, businesses or even legal professionals.< /em>

The offer of financial support is all the more insistent as the Banque des Territoires teams in the region do not know "any social landlord who does not repay" . "We are telling communities to continue to guarantee loans", intended to encourage the construction of housing. New projects, but also renovations of the social housing stock. "It’is the best renovated park in France", insists Patrick Martinez. For whom the priority is to improve energy performance.

"Between 100 and 150 million" for intermediate housing

By increasing its housing financing in the region by 37% compared to 2022, the Banque des Territoires intends to send the message that in times of housing crisis ;housing, it has the means to deal with it. In Occitanie, with CDC Habitat, it participates in the financing of intermediate housing by Action Logement lessors, who have purchased non-marketed housing programs from developers.

"In Occitanie, we are on an envelope of between 100 and 150 million euros, out of the 5 billion in financing engaged on the national territory by CDC Habitat", confides Patrick Martinez. The bank has, for example, supported Rodez Agglo Habitat to the tune of 13 million in the creation of the new Paul-Ramadier district.

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