The Basket Lattes-Montpellier Association presents the first edition of Heraia, the fabulous women's sports day

The Basket Lattes-Montpellier Association presents the first edition of Heraia, the fabulous women's sports day

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Sunday March 24, at the Sud de France Arena, an entire day will be devoted to women's sport with, as a highlight, the basketball match between Lattes-Montpellier and Tarbes where a record attendance could to be beaten.

It is time for attention to be turned towards women's practice of sport in order to ultimately aim for equal treatment. In this sense, Basket Lattes-Montpellier Association supported by the city of Lattes, the Metropolis of Montpellier but also the Department and the Region is organizing a unique event: "Héraia, the fabulous day of women's sport".

Thus, Sunday March 24 in the lair of the Sud de France Arena, a village of stands will be animated from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with the presence of at least forty disciplines, sporting institutions and clubs like the Béziers Angels, the MHR, the MHSC or the HBF3M metropolitan handball club. "There will be a demonstration space dedicated to sporting performances, explains Olivier Ribotta, the general director of the BLMA. As a common theme, a crossfit competition will take place where 20 women will compete. We hope that as many people as possible will come and encourage these exceptional athletes."

A record attendance for the BLMA ? 

All before the highlight of the show: the championship match between BLMA, the most successful women's basketball club in the country, and Tarbes during which the organizers hope to break the attendance record for a match of indoor women's team sport (7000). "We want to demonstrate that the economic model of women's sport is extremely fragile, continues Ribotta. If we don't organize events like this, we will die. No visibility, no sponsor. It is not because we run slower, that we jump less high, that we do not provide emotions."

For Philippe Sebbane, the president of the BLMA, "the idea is to bring together all the practices to celebrate women sport. Why ? Because the BLMA, the city of Lattes and the Metropolis have always been ahead when it comes to women's sport. But also because, in my opinion, the 21st century will be feminine or it will not be. for all, we respect women. Let’s mobilize to break the record."

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