The Béziers handball players end the season in apotheosis

The Béziers handball players end the season in apotheosis

Second Hérault Cup in two years for the ASCBH women.

The Béziers handball players end the season in apotheosis

Le triplé pour les U18 biterrois, une troisième coupe de l’Hérault d’affilée pour cette génération.

En remportant la coupe de l’Hérault samedi 8 juin, les U18 et les seniors dames de l’ASC Béziers handball se sont offert un final en apothéose.

This Saturday, June 8, the U18s and senior ladies of ASC Béziers handball played matches of the greatest importance. At the FDI Stadium, the home venue of MHB, the flagship Montpellier club, the two teams played the final of the Hérault Cup.

A third consecutive Hérault Cup

And it was the U18s who opened the ball, at 4 p.m., against Clermont Salagou. A generation accustomed to success, as double title holders and in search of a hat-trick. After a tight first half, the young Biterrois managed to break away and won 38 – 29. To the delight of their trainer, who has been following them for four years now.

"We want to move up to the national level in the next three years with this generation, explains Tom Garcia. The U18 category takes three years so we thought we would get there in two years. This season is a real surprise, we didn't expect it to work so quickly. They are very promising, it’s a good thing for the club to enter into a training framework for young people and to have results."

"Winning the hat-trick would be great"

The senior ladies continued, at 8:30 p.m., against Jacou Handball, in a very warm atmosphere, like the temperature. "It’was very stressful,admits Maewenn Vergne, the captain. There were a lot of people in the stands, the U18s stayed to encourage us, our friends, our families and lots of people from the club. We were lucky, it went really well."

Like their season, the Biterroises put up a great defensive performance, conceding only twelve goals. They won 18 – 12 and therefore followed up with a second consecutive title in the Hérault Cup. And are already aiming for a third: "The objective for next season, we have already said it to ourselves: it’s to win back a third time in a row the Hérault Cup, laughs Maewenn Vergnes. Now that we have done the double, we want to do like the U18s, achieve the treble. That would be nice!"

A beautiful season

"The weekend wasé very good, rejoiced Sandrine Faure, president of the ASCBH. The supporters came in large numbers so there was yellow and black on a large part of the FDI Stadium, with drums and megaphones."

Enough to close a great 2023-2024 financial year on the sideé of Béziers handball players: "This season we had more than 300 licensees with 14 teams engaged in competition. Many of them have completed their studies. at the top of their groups and reached the quarter or semi-finals at regional level. The results are good and the atmosphere is pleasant, we hope to maintain this good dynamic throughout the year. the future."

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